'We Paid For Your Dress': Monster-In-Law at Wedding After Bride Mentions Groom's 'Flaws' During Vows

A mother-in-law caused a scene at her son's wedding after the bride said she loved her son despite his flaws.

A video of an argument between a bride and the mother of her husband-to-be during their wedding is being widely circulated on social media.

The video shows the bride's future mother-in-law interrupting the wedding and insulting the bride as she read out her vows. The video has already garnered thousands of views across various social media platforms.

'You're Not Going to Say My Son Has Flaws'

A still from the video that is being circulated on social media. Twitter

The two-part clip begins with the bride and the groom exchanging their vows when all of a sudden, the mother-in-law, interrupts them by yelling, "You're not going to say my son has flaws!"

The bride then tells her to leave. "No, I don't have to leave! That dress you're wearing, we paid for!," the mother-in-law responds. A man seated next to the woman then tries to calm her down when the bride tells her, "You're not going to ruin my day."

"You are not going to say my son has flaws!," the mother-in-law responds. "Everybody has flaws and that's why I love him. You can leave, Judy" the bride says to her as the groom, who was silent until this moment, echoes her future wife's sentiments.

"Like you don't have flaws!" the MIL, now identified as Judy, continues yelling at the bride, who is held back as she walks up to her telling her she needs to leave.

Family Members Get Involved

Judy holds her ground and reiterates that she paid for the wedding dress. The bride's mother then intervenes and tells Judy to "get out" as she attempts to escort her out of the hall. "Try, and I'll have you arrested!"

The bride and groom awkwardly stand at the alter while their families continue arguing with each other. Part two of the clip starts off with a man (possibly the groom) telling Judy that she's the one with the flaws because she doesn't know how to act like an adult.

"Are you serious? I have the flaws? Are you kidding?" Judy says before the bride's mother tells her that her daughter is in love with her son and she needs to accept that. The video ends with the bride taking the groom's hands in what appears to be an attempt to comfort him. Watch the videos below: