Wayfair Caught Using 'White Supremacy' Book as Prop for Its Coffee Table on Its Website

Wayfair was slammed as racist after images of its coffee table styled with a book titled "White Supremacy" went viral on social media. The coffee table, listed on its website, was spotted by one of the users visiting the furniture maker's online store.

Last year, Wayfair was embroiled in the baseless controversy after multiple social media influencers claimed that the furniture maker was involved in child trafficking by using its WFX Utility collection featured on the website.

Wayfair image
Wayfair image
Wayfair's coffee table featuring on their website.

"White Supremacy" Reflecting Wayfair's Racism?

The latest controversy surrounding Wayfair emerged after a twitter user, @TMHaltom, tweeted the screenshot of the company's website featuring the coffee table.

"The not-so-subliminal messaging of coffee table books on Wayfair is... a choice,' he wrote. 'Why yes, it does appear to say 'white supremacy' backwards," read the post.

The accompanying image showed a white coffee table with brown top featuring an empty bowl and book kept as props. The book bears startling resemblance to the 2011 book "State of White Supremacy: Racism, Governance, and the United States."

In a communique to The Sun, a Wayfair representative said that the product image has been removed from the website. "Like other retailers of this product, as soon as we became aware of the issue, we took immediate action to remove the product image from the site." It was also confirmed that the matter is being investigating with the supplier.

Social Media Fumes Over the Viral Image

Despite the website taking down the image, the issue was still being discussed on the social media. "Wayfair slammed for 'displaying white supremacy book in coffee table ad' You remember Wayfair, the company making bank out of selling furniture to ICE for their refugee concentration camps?" tweeted a user.

"Uhhh you might wanna rethink that coffee table book, @Wayfair!" wrote a user.

Another added, "Hey @Wayfair why does the book on the white version of this coffee table (last photo) say WHITE SUPREMACY? How are you going to fix this? Will you be checking all listings for hidden bigotry? Apologize and take steps to stop this from happening again."

"Dear @Wayfair - WTAF? A book on white supremacy featured on the table you sell? Wow. Now to go unsubscribe from your mailing list," read another tweet.