Watch the rare video of The Undertaker breaking character and laughing

The Undertaker
The Undertaker. WWE

A rare video of The Undertaker breaking his character in WWE along with Vince McMahon is going viral among the WWE fans. It is a 9.48-minute clip taken in 2002 after Raw went off air.

In the clip, WWE Hall of Famer Booker T is seen asking The Undertaker to do a Spinaroonie after RAW went off the air. Usually, the live audience get something more after the TV telecasting is over.

In this episode, Booker T tries to convince the Deadman to do his signature move and soon the big names enter the ring, thereby making the crowd go crazy. In this viral video, The Undertaker has apparently come out of his character.

The video shows him laughing and smiling. Golddust, The Rock, Triple H and Vince McMahon are seen in the ring. In fact, Vince too comes out of his character and does his version of Spinaroonie calling it Vinceroonie.

However, it looks like The Undertaker was of aware of the fact that it might be being recorded, so, he left the ring with a chokeslam on the Triple H. Throughout his three-decade career, the Deadman is rarely seen out of his character.

The famed rare video was released on a WWE video and recently it was discussed in Steve Austin's Broke Skull Sessions with The Undertaker.

Now, Booker T opened up about it in an interview with Brad Gilmore. "We're off the air. We were literally off the air. One thing we used to do back in the day, we used to love to entertain, man, and make the fans feel a certain way," he starts.

He adds, "So, Boom! I do the Spinaroonie and everybody goes crazy. The referees' got the earpieces in and the referee tells me, 'tell 'Taker to do the Spinnaroonie' So, I got to get the microphone and just act a fool. Of course, which I love doing anyway. 'The people wanna see an Undertakeroonie.' And, the Undertaker looks at me like, 'oh, my God!' He wanted to kill me."

"The next thing you know, somebody else's music plays, they go out. They do the Spinaroonie The Rock came out, Vince McMahon came out. Everybody came out that night. Literally, we were out there for 45 minutes after the show went off air trying to get The Undertaker to do the Spinaroonie."