Austin on his chat with The Undertaker on Broken Skulls Sessions: I watched that guy light up like a Christmas tree

The Undertaker with Steve Austin
The Undertaker with Steve Austin on The Broken Skull Sessions. A screen shot taken from the promo posted by WWE

Steve Austin's Broken Skulls: Sessions, post the conclusion of Survivor Series, kicks-off on Sunday, 24 November. The Undertaker (Mark Calaway) will be the first guest on the show which will be aired on WWE Network.

Probably, this is the first time where The Undertaker is coming out of his on-screen character and giving the interview as Mark Calaway. It means the show gives an insight about his life, his 30-year association with WWE and many more aspects of his career. The host has spoken about the show ahead of its premiere in an interview with ESPN.

Steve Austin has told the website that he was little nervous before the commence of the show, and The Broken Skulls Sessions will not cover his entire life and career in WWE.

"It is a little nerve-racking. And then you're trying to cover a 30-year career. You realize right before you start rolling, there ain't no way we can cover 30 years in this amount of time. So, I think we'll see another session with The Undertaker, because he's had such a long, successful career and it covered so much information," the website quotes him as saying.

Steve Austin has indicated that he did not get to know much of The Undertaker as a person when they worked together in WWE and this is for the first time, he has spoken about the lesser-known aspects of the Deadman.

"As much as I've known Mark -- and I've always called him Taker -- as long as I've known Taker and I've worked angles with him, we were strictly business. We didn't always just sit around and shoot the breeze. So, this is one of the first times I've really sat across the guy and traded stories about life, about the business, life inside the business, how he made that character work. It was daunting.

I was a little nervous, but I had a blast once we started rolling, and I watched that guy light up like a Christmas tree and laugh and smile like a regular human being. He'd tell stories that are just unbelievable," he is quoted as saying.

Talking about the relationship that they shared before, Austin said, "We were friends, but we were more acquaintance friends. Because man, back in the '90s and that Attitude Era, he was kind of reinventing himself coming back from an injury and he came out with American Bad Ass. That was such a competitive time. We were at war with WCW, with Nitro. But man, within that locker room, we were all getting along, you know we were traveling together -- it's like a package deal because there are 10 matches on the card and you're in that circle. It's like a brotherhood, or a sisterhood, like a group of people that do a very specific thing and there's not a whole lot of people doing it.

So in some form, in a way you're very close. But also, because it's so dang competitive, everybody is fighting to get to the top of that card. A lot of times you're holding your cards pretty close to your sleeve just because you're trying to get on top. That whole locker room now, when you look back at that Attitude Era, almost everybody on the card is or is gonna be in the Hall of Fame. Everybody there was kicking, scratching and clawing to get to the top."