Watch: KPop Idol Carlyn Announces Pregnancy; Z-Girls Leader Will Not Return to Korea

A female KPop group leader, lead singer and dancer released a video announcing pregnancy. She is heard telling in the video that her plans of returning to Korea have been erased because of the happy moment in her personal life. The idol in question is Carlyn, leader of the international KPop band Z-Girls.

Filippino singer Carlyn posted a video with her partner Von and intimated their respective families about pregnancy. In the video she can be heard saying that she is really happy and there are no regrets. Carlyn arranged for the surprise revelation party along with her partner Von on a yacht in Philippines.

Z-Girls KPop group leader Carlyn has announced pregnancy. Instagram

"Thank you to Von's family and relatives. Thank you for accepting us. And of course, my family who have been supportive. They knew I had to go, I had plans of returning to Korea. And yes, the plans were erased because we took our relationship to the next level. This is the next chapter of my life with Von and I am so happy, very, very happy and there are no regrets. Thank you all and thank you Lord for the new blessings," Carlyn said in the video. She ended the video by thanking Von.

Carlyn's KPop Journey

Carlyn is the leader, lead singer and lead dancer of the international KPop band Z-Girls. The group debuted on Feb. 23, 2019 with their single What You waiting For. The group debuted with the agency ZMC but as the company closed down, currently Z-Girls are being managed by the company Divtone Group.

The group has six members from different Asian countries - Carlyn, Mahiro, Bell, Priyanka, Vanya, and Queen. The group was formed with an intention of making KPop global with global stars from several different Asian countries. With the same concept, a boy group Z-Boys also has been formed.

Carlyn is currently under Divtone Entertainment, but the agency is yet to issue any statement with regard to the idol's return to Z-Girls. She is also a member of Filipino girl group Pop Girls as well. 25-year-old Carlyn started her music career as the newest member of Pop Girls in 2014. After releasing two singles in 2016 and 1027 respectively, the group disbanded in 2017.

Following this, Carlyn was chosen as the member of international KPop group Z-Girls on January 17, 2019. She has also taken part in Masked Singer Pilipinas in 2020–2021 as a contestant. Her Filipino digital singles include Sige Na, Sige Na, Basta Mahal Kita and Once I'm There.

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