WATCH: E-scooter rider narrowly escapes getting run over by van
Screenshot from the video showing the e-scooter user jumping out of harm's way Facebook/

A 23-second dashboard camera video has gone viral on social media that showed a jaw-dropping near-miss accident at the junction of Upper Serangoon Road and Hougang Avenue 4, in front of the Nativity Church Centre.

The video that was posted on the Facebook page just after midnight on Sunday showed a man mounting his e-scooter before he pushes off to make way his way across the road. But, in a matter of seconds, a van making a right turn comes through and the e-scooter rider narrowly avoids getting hit by jumping out of the way.

Although, the man has survived the incident, but his scooter was smashed into pieces. According to the time stamp on the video, the incident took place at around 3.20 pm on Saturday.

The video ends with the e-scooter rider sitting down on the road in apparent shock, while the van driver was seen stopping and getting out of the van. It is believed that the driver wanted to check if the e-scooter rider was injured or not.

Both the Singapore Civil Defence Force and police said that no emergency report was lodged for this accident.