Singapore: Truck-involved accident injures 50-year-old man

SCDF was alerted about the accident at around 8.20 and an ambulance was immediate dispatched

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Picture for representation Reuters

A road accident near the junction of Jalan Ahmad Ibrahim and Tuas West Drive injured a 50-year-old man on 22 December. The man was rushed to the National University Hospital for treatment.

It was reported that the accident happened on the road towards Tuas Checkpoint. In a footage uploaded by user catchymandy on Twitter, one could see a cargo truck, with its front side completely smashed, standing near the road divider. Some people were also seen inspecting the damage.

Channel News Asia reported that the Singapore Civil Defence Force was alerted about the accident at around 8.20. An ambulance was immediately dispatched for assistance. Even the National Hospital was alerted beforehand to receive the injured man.

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