Watch Dogs 2: First teaser trailer 'Hello World' released

Ubisoft releases the first teaser trailer 'Hello World' for its upcoming sequel to Watch Dogs.

French video game developer Ubisoft has just released a new teaser trailer for its upcoming sequel to Watch Dogs, the Watch Dogs 2, whose World Premiere is expected to kick off on 8 June.

One glance at the teaser trailer reveals the game's protagonist holding a smartphone in his left hand while the rest of his body remains deliberately obscured from the screen. Nevertheless, the footage clearly mirrors the exact same character as seen in the earlier leaked image sourced from a voiceover artist.

Watch Dogs has reportedly been inspired by the open world gameplay found in Grand Theft Auto series as the Ubisoft game set a new sales record at launch.

With the game's objective revolving around the protagonist with immaculate hacking capabilities, the game attempts to create an interesting premise in the massive open world across the suburbs of Chicago.

Playing as the protagonist, the player can control anything that's powered by electricity or connected to the network of ctOS, a centralised operating system which monitors or manages the hyper-connected city of Chicago.

There is no word on how different the sequel to Watch Dogs would pan out from the original. Although Watch Dogs 2 is expected to be announced on 8 June at 6pm CEST on the game's official website, it is expected to release sometime later this year across all the three gaming platforms: PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

Meanwhile, check out Ubisoft's official teaser trailer for Watch Dogs 2 (below):