Was Stephen 'tWitch' Boss Carrying a Suicide Note in His Bag? Hotel Staff Says Boss Was Not 'Visibly Upset', No Gunshot Sound Heard

Stephen "tWitch" Boss did not appear to be "visibly upset" while checking into the hotel hours before he committed suicide by a self-inflicted gunshot wound. Boss was seen carrying a small bag when he checked at Oak Tree Inn, located at a short distance from his home.

Stephen 'tWitch' Boss
Stephen 'tWitch' Boss Twitter

Maid Discovered the Body After Boss Missed Check Out Time

Boss, a professional dancer had worked on Ellen's show from 2014 until it ended in 2022. His death was confirmed by his wife Allison Holker. Speaking to TMZ the staff at the budget friendly hotel revealed that the "Magic Mike XXL" star did not appear "visibly upset" or distressed while checking in the facility.

Boss, who appeared at the hotel with just a small bag, booked the room for one night only. Speaking to Radar the hotel manager revealed that no gun shot sound was heart from the star's room. His body was discovered next morning by a maid who opened the room with her key after Boss failed to check out at 11.00 am the next day. The staff revealed that his body was found in the bathroom.

The manager further spoke about possibility of Boss, who arrived at the Inn without a car, leaving a suicide note in the bag which was confiscated by the police.

Tributes Paid to Boss on Social Media

Soon after reports of Boss's death appeared, social media was filled with messages from his fans who offered condolences. In a statement, Holker described Boss as someone who "lit up every room he stepped into. "He valued family, friends and community above all else and leading with love and light was everything to him," she added.

"Reports said he walked to a hotel got a room and shot his self. What a state of mind be must've been in to do this to his wife and kids. And right before Christmas," wrote a user.

"I am so shocked and saddened by the news of Stephen "tWitch" Boss passing. I had the pleasure of knowing and working with Twitch and he was a beautiful person. To Allison and the whole Boss family. My heart goes out to you," read another tweet.