Want an Avatar-like robot? Get 'Method-2' in South Korea for $8.3m

This South Korean Method-2 robot is a 13ft manned robot which weighs 1.5 tonnes

Method-2 robot
This South Korean Method-2 robot weighs 1.5 tonnes YouTube grab

South Korea has come up a 13ft manned robot with snapping arms and thumping feet and looks very much like the robots from James Cameron's Avatar and Aliens.

The massive robot can be operated by the pilot, seating inside a glass controlling chamber which comprises of the bot's body. The operator can move the 130kg metal arms by doing the same gesture with his own hands. This mechanism is very much like the gigantic AMP suit that the Avatar's antagonist, Quaritch, wears during the climax battle.

This South Korean Method-2 robot, which weighs 1.5 tonnes, is developed by Vitaly Bulgarov who worked as a designer for the cult movies like the Transformers, Terminator and Robocop, reported The Metro. "I feel very lucky to be working with the incredible team over at Hankook Mirae Technology ... and can't wait to share with you guys the updates for the upcoming projects in 2017," wrote Bulgarov, in a Facebook post.

The Metro reported Yang Jin-Ho, the chairman of Hankook Mirae Technology, the c South Korean robotics company, funded the project, said: "Our robot is the world's first manned bipedal robot and is built to work in extreme hazardous areas where humans cannot go."

However, the robot, Yang said, need to work on its balance and power systems. "The robot is one-year-old so it is taking baby steps... Just like humans, it will be able to move more freely in the next couple of years," said the chairman, according to Phys.org.

The machine is ready hit the shelves from the end of next year and will cost about $8.3 million.

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