Wanda Nara Suffers Embarrassing Wardrobe Malfunction as Nipple Slips Out During Instagram Live, Leaving Her Red-Faced

The model from Argentina streamed while sporting a baggy black top with no bra, allowing her right nipple to pop out almost throughout the entire clip.

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Former football agent Wanda Nara suffered an embarrassing nip slip while she was live on Instagram but did not notice it for almost a minute, leaving her followers and fans shocked. However, when she finally realized it, she was left red-faced. In fact, the embarrassment would have continued had Nara's friend not pointed it out to her.

The Argentine model immediately took care to cover her nipples but it was already too late, as all those watching her Instagram live got quite an eyeful. The unfortunate incident might now get the 36-year-old into trouble with Instagram given that the social media platform's community guidelines have a ban on nudity.

Big Embarrassment in Public

Wanda Nara nip slip
Wanda Nara suffered the embarrassing nip slip during Instagram Live Twitter

The notorious WAG and former football agent had a major wardrobe malfunction in front of her 15 million Instagram followers earlier this week, leaving her red-faced and embarrassed., Nara was captured on camera grinning, pouting, and sticking her tongue out during the humorous Instagram live as she lay in bed with one of her friends, the Daily Star reported.

A Twitter user named luca who goes by the handle @manig0ldo posted the video.

The model from Argentina streamed while sporting a baggy black top with no bra, allowing her right nipple to pop out almost throughout the entire clip.

Wanda Nara nip slip
Wanda Nara was left red-faced after the nip-slip Twitter

Nara didn't notice the nip slip and continued with the live stream and it took her 45 seconds to realize it, only after her friend who was sitting next to her pointed it to her.

She immediately pulled her top to cover the slip-up but it was already too late to avoid the embarrassment.

The unfortunate incident might now invite more trouble for her as she now stands the risk of getting banned by Instagram as nudity is banned by the platform's community guidelines.

In New Trouble

Her numerous online fans who depend on her racy content would be disappointed by any punishment. Nara frequently teases her followers by showing off her figure in racy outfits like bikinis and lingerie. It is not known what fate has in store for Nara but the clip is still available on Twitter and has garnered more than 15,400 views.

Nara had a memorable year in 2022 following her divorce from her football player spouse Mauro Icardi after an ugly breakup of their eight-year marriage.

Icardi's wife accused him of infidelity before she was photographed kissing her new toy boy rapper partner and made an appearance in one of his music videos

Icardi was incensed by the video clip, and the enraged Argentine forward took to Instagram to respond to his estranged wife's antics.

"She is the laughing stock of the whole world with her behavior, with her attitudes," he fumed. "The truth is that I'm not ready to continue to support this and defend the indefensible."

The couple, who are parents to two children, had flown to the Maldives in an effort to patch things up, but the trip was a failure.