Walmart's anti-aging device will give Botox clinics a run for their money

The anti-aging skin device is an $89 handheld product that uses technology to massage the skin, improve circulation, and bring oxygen and nutrients to the skin's surface

When it comes to taking care of all of your shopping needs, Walmart is one of the retailers that gets mentioned a lot. The retail giant has it all – including a wide range of beauty products, toiletries, grooming essentials, and more at affordable prices.

Among these products is one such device that shoppers are swearing by for their anti-aging needs. Walmart's DermaWand Anti-Aging Skin Care System has already achieved "bestseller" status and is clinically proven to help smooth fine lines, get rid of wrinkles and improves one's skin tone and texture.

How does it work?

The DermaWand is essentially a non-invasive device that uses low-level micro-current pulses to massage the skin and improve blood circulation, bringing oxygen and nutrients to the surface. The tech is similar to the one used in professional radio frequency machines with one exception– the DermaWand uses a lower frequency and amplitude safe enough for daily at-home use.


Moreover, the handheld product is accompanied by a DermaVital Preface moisturiser to prep the skin for the device's 100,000 cycles of micro-current per second. All you need to do is use the DermaWand twice a day for about 3 minutes per session and you skin will not only appear smoother and tighter but more radiant than ever before.

Walmart Bestseller

The product, which is available for $89 on Walmart's website, is not a new product but has only recently started flying off the shelves for its incredible results and these customers' reviews support that claim.

"I absolutely love my DermaWand!" wrote one consumer. "I could tell a difference after just a few uses. My skin feels and looks tighter — less saggy. My eyes are more open and my laugh lines are less noticeable. Love Love Love it! I don't know why I didn't buy one sooner!"

Essential oils for Skin care

"I have always had large pores, but not anymore! and my skin is so soft! Also, my eyebrows are lifting back to their original position, opening my eyes once again!" wrote another happy 60-year-old user. "If this wand didn't do another thing for me, I'd say it was well worth the price!"

"I had developed some very serious facial folds and wrinkles which were both depressing and I suppose normal for my age of 65," explained another shopper. "My mouth folds have radically diminished and my cheek and upper lip wrinkles are fading. I can tell you I use this every day and am thrilled with the results. I use level four for 20 minutes which I will reduce as my skin gets better."