'Waikiki' Actor Son Seung Won's First Instagram Appearance After Jail Term Invites Criticism

Actor Son Seung Won, who was caught four times for drunken driving, was released from jail recently.

Actor Son Seung Won, who completed his jail term for drunken driving, is back on social media. His first Instagram post after his jail term has received flak as netizens posted negative comments about his social come back.

Son Seung Won, known for his performances in Hello My Twenties and Laughter in Waikiki, was released from prison recently. The actor has been keeping a low profile but decided to come out in the open by updating his Instagram account with a set of new pictures.

Son Seung Won
Kdrama actor Son Seung Won posted his pictures on Instagram first time after his release from the jail. Instagram

Going Social After Release

Son Seung Won's first post was of him sitting at a café wearing a simple t-shirt with hat and mask. The first photo was posted on July 22 at 1 p.m. KST. On the same day, he took to Instagram again and posted another black and white picture of his mother and brother with the caption, "I'm very sorry. I missed you a lot. Mom and my younger brother." However the actor has deleted the second Instagram post.

Son Seung Won's fans have welcomed the actor back on social media but there have been more number of negative comments that criticized the actor for returning to social media so soon after his release from the jail.

Why Was Son Seung Won Jailed?

The actor was involved in a drunken driving case in January 2019. He was driving his father's car and rammed it into another vehicle in an inebriated state. He even had tried to flee the spot. When the accident occurred, the actor did not even have a license. On top of all this, he tried to put the blame on his junior Jung Hwi, saying that he was driving the car at the time of the accident.

This was his fourth case related to drunken driving. The Seoul Central District Court in Seocho District had sentenced Son Seung Won to one year and six months imprisonment in April 2019. This included a post-sentence military service as a non-active duty soldier.

The actor was charged for dangerous driving under the Additional Punishment Law on Specific Crimes and violating the Road Traffic Act by driving drunk and without a license. Earlier, he was charged with DUI incident in August 2018, and was indicted again for driving in an inebriated state in December 2018 and causing an accident." This had resulted in officials revoking his license.

Thus, after being indicted four times in the drunken driving case and serving jail term, Son Seung Won opened up to social life without showing any remorse. Accordingly to OSEN news publication, the actor was released from jail on May 29. The latest Instagram post by Son Seung Won is with his dog, giving a hint that he is all set to make a come back after 'paying' for his drunken driving mistakes.