Korean celebrity Hwanhee booked for drunk driving after singer causes accident

Hwanhee of Fly to the Sky has been charged with driving under influence (DUI) and causing an accident in Yongin

The Fly To The Sky member, veteran K-pop singer Hwanhee has been charged with drunken driving after the singer caused an accident near Giheung in Yongin at 6 am (KST) on March 21. He was not physically detained but will be called in for questioning shortly.

Reports claimed that according to Gyeonggi Yongin Southern Provincial Police Agency, Hwanhee has confessed to having driven the car under the influence of alcohol and will be questioned without being detained. No injury has been reported from the accident. When checked the spot, Hwanhee's Blood Alcohol Concentration (BAC) was 0.061 percent. This is sufficient to cancel the license of the singer.

Hwanhee was drunk


Singer Hwanhee has apologized for driving while drunk and it is said that he will visit the police station to be questioned, next week. His agency H2media too tendered an apology for the singer's actions.

The label stated: "We apologize for bringing unfortunate news regarding our label artist. It is true that in the early hours of March 21, Hwanhee caused a minor collision while driving under the influence, and this is a clear and inexcusable wrongdoing. Hwanhee will fully cooperate with the investigation, and he will receive the appropriate punishment. We once again bow our heads and apologize."

Singer was driving his Mercedes

The 38-year-old Hwang Yoon-seok popularly known as Hewanhee was driving his Mercedes Benz and hit a Hyundai Avante sedan while changing lanes in Yongin. The insurance agent who reached the spot informed the police and Hwanhee was tested only to be found under the influence of alcohol.

Hwanhee's musical journey

Hwanhee is a member of Fly to the Sky and debuted in 1999 along with his teammate Brian. Hwanhee is also popular as a solo singer and music artiste. Apart from being a K-pop star, he is also known for his acting in television series Over The Rainbow, I Love You and Stormy Lovers. He has also acted in films including Star: Radiant Love and Five Senses of Love.

He was also part of TV shows, We Got Married Season 1, Immortal Songs 2, Law of the Jungle and King of Mask Singer. SM Entertainment had encouraged Hwanhee to debut at his high school festival. So he did even before he completed high school. He graduated from Gwang Moon High School. He later majored in post-modern music from Kyunghee University.