Vladimir Solovyov: 'Putin's Voice' Says War Will End After Russia Invades Britain, Takes Home Stonehenge

Russian television personality Vladimir Solovyov, also dubbed as Putin's Voice, threatened that Moscow will attack United Kingdom and take over the Stonehenge, the historic landmark in England that lies in Salisbury Plain in Wiltshire.

Earlier, Solovyov had suggested the use of nuclear Zircon missiles to bomb Britain back to the Stone Age. The TV propagandist gave the controversial statement while appearing on Russia-1 program, Evening with Vladimir Solovyov.

Vladimir Solovyov
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Solovyov Claims Russian Invasion Will Stop at UK

Solovyov, who shares close ties with Russian President Vladimir Putin, was launching an attack against UK Foreign Secretary Liz Truss. During the show on being asked by the Ukrainian political analyst Vasil Vakarov about how far Russia would be willing to go before stopping, Solovyov replied: "Well, when we have to, then we will."

"Where will we stop? Well, as I was saying today, maybe Stonehenge. Liz Truss says she's the one fighting the war," Solovyov said according to the Independent. He also claimed that the Kremlin leader should attack the Ukrainian capital Kyiv.

It may be recalled that Truss, during a meeting in Germany last month, told G7 and NATO leaders that Putin was humiliating himself on the world stage. "We must ensure he faces a defeat in Ukraine that denies him any benefit and ultimately constrains further aggression," she had said.

Russian Media's Continued Threats Against Britain

It isn't for the first time when the Russian state media has issued warnings against an attack on Britain or Europe. Earlier in April, Solovyov had threatened UK with a nuclear attack using Sarmat, a Russian ballistic missile, on his show. "One Sarmat means minus one Great Britain because they've gotten totally boorish," Solovyov said.

Recently, Russia's ambassador to Britain, Andrei Kelin, called Truss "very belligerent" and inexperienced. Truss had said that the Ukraine-Russia war will only end once Putin removes his troops entirely. While responding to this on BBC, the ambassador said that Truss was neither a professional military person nor experienced as foreign secretary. "If she would like to continue the war she will prolongate the conflict," he added.