Vladimir Saldo: Putin's Governor in Kherson Poisoned By New Chef; Flown to Moscow in Coma

Russian President Vladimir Putin's puppet governor in Ukraine's occupied region was poisoned by his chef, according to a report. Vladimir Saldo was rushed to the hospital after being hit by a second assassination attempt in less than a month.

He fell sick after eating food prepared by the new chef. Reports claimed that his fingertips went numb and his mind began to cloud.

Vladimir Saldo
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Saldo Taken to a hospital in Crimea's Simferopol

Saldo was taken to a hospital in Crimea's Simferopol, which is 170 miles from Kherson.

This is the second assassination attempt on the Putin-appointed mayor, who survived a bomb attack last month.

Saldo Is In The Toxicological Department of Moscow Sklifasovsky Institute

He is currently in the toxicological department of the Moscow Sklifasovsky Institute. He is in a medical coma and remains in intensive care in serious condition. Reports claimed that Saldo was diagnosed with poisoning by an "unknown substance".

Saldo Is Now Fighting For His Life On A Ventilator

He is now fighting for his life on a ventilator. Regional officials have denied he has been poisoned, but doctors are still awaiting his toxicology reports, according to The Sun.

"Five months non-stop under bullets and Grads. The man was simply overtired. The diagnosis is fatigue," said Kirill Stremousov, Saldo's deputy in Kherson.

Kherson Deputy Kirill Stremousov Denies Poisoning

Saldo, who was installed as head of the city after Russia's invasion, served as mayor of Kherson between 2002 and 2012. Weeks before Russia invaded Ukraine, Saldo opposed Putin's war.

The toxicological intensive care unit of the institute is reserved for patients who have been poisoned by various chemicals when an emergency detoxification of the body is needed. It is the only chemical-toxicological laboratory in Moscow with high-precision equipment that allows determining poisoning substances, reported Euromaidan Press.

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