Vladimir Popov: Body Parts of Russian Man Eaten Alive by Shark Found Inside Intestine as Video Captures Moment Shark Is Beaten to Death on Egyptian Beach [WATCH]

On Monday a new video emerged that shows the tiger shark being caught and dragged ashore by a boat following the attack, and it appeared to be alive before being clubbed to death.

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The body parts of the Russian tourist who was eaten alive by a shark off a beach in Egypt have been found inside the shark after it was beaten to death by locals and tourists in "revenge." Vladimir Popov, 23, was circled by When the 'meat grinder' tiger shark circled before he was dragged underwater in Hurghada, as he screamed, "Papa, save me!"

tourists scrambled from the water as terrified onlookers called out to Popov to swim away from the shark before he was mauled to death. The incident happened last week and within five days the tiger shark was spotted again and captured.

Revenge Killing

Vladimir Popov
The shark that ate alive Russian man Vladimir Popov was killed by locals Twitter

The tiger shark was then carried to shore by boat and was clubbed to death on the beach in "revenge." According to news source Al Arabiya, experts have now dissected the shark and discovered the young man's remains inside its intestines.

According to Dr. Mahmoud Dar, a professor at the Egyptian National Institute of Marine Sciences, the shark was a female and nothing else was found, the Daily Mail reported.

A chilling video has emerged of the moment locals drag the shark onto the beak and kill it.

It comes after Popov's distressed father, Yury, described how horrified he was to see his son being killed by a shark while he screamed for help.

"We went to the beach to relax," Popov, who hails from Russia, told the 112 media outlet. "My son was attacked by a shark, it all happened in seconds."

Shark attack
The shark seen eating the Russian tourist while onlookers watched in horror Twitter

The heartbroken father claimed there were no family members around to help his son in the water although earlier reports claimed that the 23-year-old's girlfriend had managed to escape the attack.

"What kind of help can you give? This meat grinder happened in 20 seconds, he was just dragged under the water," the father said.

"This is an absolutely ridiculous coincidence, because it is a safe beach. There are ships and yachts around. It's never happened there. They usually attack on wild beaches. It's just some kind of evil fate," he added.

Popov had been staying with his father in Egypt for several months before the horrifying incident claimed his life. Yury said that he would cremate his son and bring his remains back to Russia.

Chilling Final Moments

On Monday a new video emerged that shows the tiger shark being caught and dragged ashore by a boat following the attack, and it appeared to be alive before being clubbed to death.

Vladimir Popov
Vladimir Popov Twitter

The shark has now been handed over for research to ascertain the reasons behind its behavior and determine whether the animal is related to one that has "caused several prior accidents," Egyptian authorities revealed.

A chilling video captured the moment the shark attacked Popov at the popular Egyptian resort of Hurghada just feet away from a crowded beach. The deadly attack happened on Thursday, according to Russian media reports.

Popov can be heard anxiously yelling "Papa, Papa" in footage captured by startled bystanders as the predator circled him in the water before attacking.

Shark attack
The man seen trying to save himself as the shark drags him completely underwater within minutes Twitter

The 23-year-old is seen making futile attempts to swim toward the coast. His legs are seen raised above the water's surface, and his body is seen spinning in the water.

"Swim away, swim away! Quick! A shark!" people can be heard shouting in the video.

Minutes later, Popov's head comes back to the surface as the splashing in the water ceases. He looks to be swimming gently once more in the water.

He e can be heard calling out "Papa," pleading for help as the water turns red with his blood.

The shark's body is also clearly visible at the surface in the chilling video. Its fin and tail are also visible as it circles the victim.

Shark attack
Popov's body parts were found inside the intestine of the shark after it was captured and killed in revenge Twitter

The shark once again turns around to strike and charges the victim before encircling him in its jaws and dragging him beneath the sea.

The shark's body is visible writhing in the water as it appears to maul the man's body and drag it deeper into the sea as the man's head emerges from the water one last time.

One of the witnesses who recorded the fatal attack can be heard saying, "It's eating his remains now."

"Right in front of my eyes, the shark ate the guy, the girl [the girlfriend] managed to escape. He took the blow from the shark. It's a terrible thing, the remains of this man are lying there," another onlooker is heard saying.

In a new video, a distraught woman was seen on the beach being consoled by two other women after Popov was killed by the tiger shark.

It's believed that the Russian woman was retrieved from the sea after being near the dead man. It is unclear if she was related to Popov.

Yury, the father of Popov, is the only family member who has spoken so far.

"It obviously took a while to find the body and bring it onshore after witnessing the attack," his father said.