Viral YouTube Video 'Charlie Bit My Finger' Sells For $761,000 At NFT Auction

Harry and Charlie who became popular as toddlers after their video went viral on the internet in 2000.

Charlie Bit My Finger, the classic YouTube video from the 2000s that went viral on the internet has fetched a six-figure sum at the non-fungible token, or NFT. The video was owned by the Davies-Carr family, which auctioned it off on Sunday for a whopping $760,999.

The 56-second-long sensational video on YouTube first appeared in May 2007. The video shot in the United Kingdom, and features two brothers aged three and one at the time.

The video, which often leaves a smile on people's faces, grabbed over 883 million views and over 2 million likes as of May 2021. The Davies-Carr family comprises Harry and Charlie, their parents Howard and Shelly, and their youngest brother Jasper. On the 10th anniversary of the video, the father of the popular boys, Howard Davies-Carr, said that the video was a mere attempt to capture the kids growing up.

Harry and Charlie's father originally uploaded the video on YouTube so that their grandfather, who lived far away in America could watch it. It was a private home video, which Howard tried sending through email but due to its size, he had to post it on YouTube. Howard also revealed that the video was originally set to private and he was about to remove it before it went viral.

Charlie Bit Me video
"Charlie Bit Me" video fetches huge at NFT YouTube screen grab

However, once it had exploded, "I had lost control of the clip anyway so I left it, " Howard said. After Harry and Charlie shot to fame with their viral video, their father uploaded multiple video clips of them on the internet.

What happens in the viral video?

In the viral YouTube video, two toddlers called Charlie Davies-Carr and Charlie Davies-Carr are spotted sitting on a sofa. Charlie, the younger one wearing a white T-Shirt, bit the finger of his older brother Harry's who was rocking a dark blue T-Shirt.

Harry says, "Charlie Bit Me" then he once again tries to tease his little brother Charlie by putting his finger back in his mouth when the cute 1-year-old bit him even harder than before which makes Harry utter, "Uhhh, Ouch, Ouch, Ouch Charlie" and almost cry, but hilariously, Charlie the cute and naughty little one LOLs while Harry says, "Charlie bit me and it really hurts."

Watch Cute Harry Tortured by Naughty Little Baby Charlie

14th Anniversary of 'Charlie Bit My Finger'

The video is celebrating its 14th Anniversary this year and it's one of YouTube's most popular videos. However, the video won't be available on the internet for much longer, it will soon be removed from Youtube.

Grown-Up Harry and Charlie in New "Charlie Bit Me" Video