Nikole Mitchell: Bisexual Pastor, Stripper and OnlyFans Model Flashes Boobs, Says, 'I am Not Crazy'

Nikole Mitchell, who dared to swap her church life with a profession that raises eyebrows, has left little to the imagination of her fans on Instagram. The 36-year-old and mother of three, who became an Onlyfans model to live the life of her dreams, posted an X-rated photo on Instagram.

The pastor-turned stripper who had lived most of her life with restrictions now dares to flash her boobs to everyone on the internet. Mitchell, who was brought up in a strict Baptist family with strong, stereotypical gender roles, has left eyes-popping with her sultry photos and videos on the photo-sharing platform.

Mitchell, who is also known for her motivational speeches is an adult content creator. Her adult pictures and XXX videos on the X-rated OnlyFans have grabbed much attention from adult content viewers on the internet. Recently, the pastor-turned-stripper and life coach appeared on the chat show #SexTalkTuesday as the guest moderator on Twitter.

The OnlyFans star discussed sexuality and "saving yourself through self-expression in the Twitter-based show earlier this week. Mitchell, for 33 years, was living the life of a pastor. She decided to step into the shoes of an adult star as she wanted to live a meaningful life. She is now earning millions with her X-rated content on "OnlyFans".

Nikole Mitchell
Nikole Mitchell stuns in sexy photo Instagram

The bisexual model expressed that despite her decisions she's not crazy as she posted the picture captioning, "You are not crazy." She said that she felt crazy when she chose to let go of her marriage and stepped into the unknown as a single mom. She said she has felt crazy several times in her life and it has always worked out for her in ways better than she could have ever imagined.

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"I am where I am because I took those leaps! I am where I am because I trusted those nudges! I am where I am because I trusted ME. And I'm now enjoying the fruit of my faith, my trust, my action." wrote the ex-church pastor-turned-stripper.

Mitchell had earlier said that she learned to stop giving her power away and became a leader. Nikole, during an interview with a leading media firm, told that from a very young age, she had fantasized about being a stripper and she has fulfilled her dreams.

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