Viral video: TMZ insults Oscar award winning Parasite cast with racist overtones

TMZ encountered the Parasite cast and asked them some questions. Here is why TMZ earned the wrath of fans

Team Parasite
Best Picture: Parasite Instagram

A video of TMZ insulting the cast of Parasite that won four Oscar awards at the recently concluded 92nd Academy event is garnering criticism worldwide.

Parasite became the first non-English film to win the Best Picture award at the Oscars event along with Best Director, Best Screenplay and Best International Feature Film and created history.

But the Asian cast was insulted by TMZ for not knowing English.

The video shows that the Parasite cast does not come forward to answer their questions, so they are called selfish and shallow.

When the reporter asks one of the female casts of the movie, "What does it mean for you as a Korean culture...?" and she walks away with a smile.

"Okay she doesn't like to talk, let's try this lady," says the anchor.

Question: What does it mean for Korea?

The lady is seen telling no...

"Now that you have got the fancy Oscars, you think you are too good to talk to us? You shallow, selfish...," the anchor goes on.

From the studio, they come to a conclusion, "None of them speak English."

When a cast finally answers saying thank you very much for the question "what does it mean for Korea", the anchor is seen telling, "No he has any idea what to say."

Watch the video here:

On the occasion, TMZ also encountered the Kpop group ACE, and mistook them for BTS. Even the Kpop group was teased for not speaking English.

"They translated our questions into Korean language but never translated the answer back to us in English," the anchor says.

Then they ask people in the studio if they want to join as translators for Korean groups.

TMZ's actions and attitude have been called racist by fans. They say that language might be a barrier, but it did not become an impediment to win the most prestigious award for the Parasite cast. Does not knowing English give the right of belittling them irrespective of their talent and efforts?

TMZ is being criticized on social media for their racist remarks. What will it take TMZ to recognize the talent than trying to be funny by belittling others? Now the Asian movie earned its spot in Oscars creating a history, how about TMZ learning Korean instead?