Viral Video Shows Young Boy Handing 'Vial of Fresh Blood' to Joe Biden For Drinking? New Conspiracy Theory After Kentucky Visit

A video showing a child handing over a vial of blood to U.S. President Joe Biden has gone viral on the social media. However, the video is fake and was doctored from an original clip during Biden's visit to Kentucky in July, this year.

It isn't the first time when a fake claim revolving around the U.S. President has gone viral. The doctored video has further fueled the baseless theory circulated by QAnon about certain group of politicians who indulge in satanic behavior including drinking kids blood.

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Is that a Vial of Blood Being Handed Over to Biden ?

The video clip was posted by Twitter account @projectpelosi. The bio of the account reads: "Our mission is clear: Destroy the democrat party with memes."

"Boy passes Joe Biden a vial of fresh blood to drink on his way back to the White House," the Twitter user captioned the video.

The video shows a masked boy standing right next to the U.S. President as he talks with a group of people surrounding him. The camera then zooms on to the boy's right hand which appears to be holding a vial filled with a dark-colored liquid. He then appears to be passing it on to Biden, as the latter holds his hand. Moments later, the boy's hand appears to be empty.

The video was enough to set the Twitter talking about the conspiracy theory. "You obviously didn't look at the video from the start as the boy passes what looks like a vial of blood to Biden," tweeted a user as another added, "You mean like having little boys secretly pass you a vial of blood on camera?

"#Biden caught on video being passed a Vial of Blood by an 11 year old boy in a supercalafrajalistic WTF kind of moment. I'm sorry but why the hell are children passing the Fake Conman president of #America Vials of blood? Is this an AdrenoChrome thing?" opined another user.

Here is the Truth

Debunking the claim being through the doctored video, Snopes stated that it was a fake video wherein someone digitally inserted a vial of blood into this video.

The outlet also reported that the original video was taken during Biden's trip to Kentucky after he alighted from Airforce One at Cincinnati /Northern Kentucky International Airport. The video shows Biden interacting with Kentucky Gov. Andy Beshear and his family including the son in the video.

However, in the original video, Biden is seen handing over a black-colored mask to the boy as he stood close to him, as per the report. The boy then looks at the mask, and then goes on to keep it in his pant's pocket. The original video clip had also generated a lot of backlash for the U.S. President on social media.

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