Viral Video: People Run For Safety As 73-Storey Building in China Wobbles

One of China's tallest skyscrapers started shaking on Tuesday following which people had to be evacuated from the 356-metre high SEG plaza in the southern city of Shenzhen.

Reportedly the skyscraper began to shake at around 1 pm sending shoppers scampering to safety while pedestrians looked open-mouthed from the streets of the city.

The local media reported that the building was sealed shut at 2:40 PM. Meanwhile, the local emergency service officials are investigating why the tower in Shenzhen Futian district began to wobble. Moreover, there was no earthquake reported when the building in China started to shake.

China Skyscraper Wobbles
China Skyscraper Wobbles Twitter screen grab

"After checking and analysing the data of various earthquake monitoring patients across the city there was no earthquake in Shenzhen today," said a release.

Handling such a tall building located in the heart of the city that is home to around 12 million people would not be easy for authorities. The high-rise building has major stores for electronics and also has various offices.

Watch China's Skyscraper Wobble in This Video:

Following the incident, social media went abuzz with videos of the skyscraper shaking while people are seen running away from the spot.

The 'SEG Plaza' is the 18th tallest building in China's Shenzhen, according to the database of Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat skyscraper, reports said.

China's Construction Policy

The Chinese government has severely limited the construction of skyscrapers taller than 500 metres. It also restricted buildings that are over 250 metres tall. The Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development in China issued a set of guidelines to strengthen architectural standards in the country.

According to the new guidelines issued for architects, urban planners and developers aimed to "highlight Chinese characteristics". The directives also banned "copycat" buildings modelled after international landmarks. The Chinese policy also provide guidance on the design and construction of major buildings such as municipal stadiums, museums, exhibition halls, and grand theatres.

China has the world's five most supertall skyscrapers. The Shanghai Tower, which stands at 632 metres, is the world's second-tallest building located in Lujiazui, Pudong in Shanghai. The world's fourth-tallest skyscraper 'Ping An Finance Centre', which is 599-metres, is in Shenzhen.

Twitter Users Mock Chinese Products

Meanwhile, many took to social media to mock Chinese products. A Twitter user wrote, "Of course it wobbles. It's a made-in-China product after all," while a second user went on to add, "Never trust a Chinese product.. if it's Chinese its not durable for sure," the third user said, "Covid tells otherwise though!"