Viral Video: Here is How 'BTS Meal' Led to Closure of 13 McDonald's Restaurants in Indonesia

Indonesia is currently under lockdown and huge online demand for BTS Meal made local authorities close down more than a dozen of McDonald's stores in the country.

Amid reports of McDonalds outlets around the world making huge profits due to its latest introduction of BTS Meal combo, recent news from Indonesia has disappointed the ARMY [BTS fans] in the country as they are not likely to get their hands on the BTS Meal. The combo was made available for service in Indonesia from June 9.

Indonesia is currently under COVID-19 restrictions due to an increase in cases of infection. But within minutes of the making BTS Meal available in Indonesia, the orders came pouring in. Due to social distancing and other restrictions, restaurants and hotels are depending on home deliveries. But within hours, huge number of delivery executives were seen thronging the McDonald's outlets.

BTS Meal
The BTS Meal was made available in Indonesia on June 9. Instagram

Will 'BTS Meal' Be Available in Indonesia?

The demand for BTS Meal was so high that all the McDonald's outlets were brimming with Gojek executives -main delivery service in the country. The McDonald's outlets couldn't manage the crowd and follow social distancing norms. The local authorities were forced to take action and close some of the McDonald's outlets temporarily. This was a necessary measure taken to prevent further spread of COVID-19, in the country that is under lockdown rules.

According to reports, so far 13 McDonald's outlets in and around Jakarta alone have been closed. Thus, BTS Meal was stopped being sold in major outlets within hours of making it available. Reacting to the same, Fajar Purwoto, the head of Semarang's public order agency, stated, that the outlets will be closed for a couple of days. "We temporarily closed four of six McDonald's stores here in Semarang for a couple of days. I don't want Semarang to be in the COVID-19 red zone again."

Though official announcement is awaited, reports claimed that at least five McDonald's restaurants have been closed in Jakarta. It looks like the outlets did not expect such a huge demand for the BTS Meal and did not make necessary arrangements to handle the situation. Even if the restaurants open again, the availability of BTS Meal is doubtful until proper arrangements are made to deal with the 'crowd' situation.

Earlier, McDonalds had announced that BTS Meal would be made available in 49 countries in the world. Thus, the service is being opened in each country on different dates. BTS Meal has McNuggets, fries, and Coca-Cola being served with two new dipping sauces - Cajun and Sweet Chili - in a limited edition packaging.

Indonesia has a huge number of ARMY who were waiting for the BTS Meal to be served in the country. If the situation continues and proper arrangements are not made, more McDonalds outlets are likely to be closed in Indonesia. This has also led to the ARMY resorting to mass order of BTS Meal as there is a fear that they might not get their hands on it later.