Viral Video: Flight attendant Lindsey O'Brien Flips Upside-Down, Closes Overhead Cabins With Heels

Southwest Airlines flight attendant Lindsey O'Brien perfected the stunt after trying it out 20 times when the passengers were not around

A video of a flight attendant closing overhead lockers inside the flight with heels has taken netizens by surprise. The flight attendant has been identified as Lindsey O'Brien who flipped upside down using her feet to close the overhead containers.

After closing the luggage containers of the a Southwest Airlines flight, 35-year-old O'Brien twirled back on the aisle and lifted her arms in style. However, this stunt was performed when the passengers were not around. But she was cheered on by her crew members, who also shared the video of the stunt that has gone viral on social media.

Lindsey O'Brien
Flight attendant Lindsey O'Brien tries out a stunt inside thee Southwest Airlines. YouTube screengrab

Practicing Yoga, Cheerleading Experience Come in Handy!

The video is said to have filmed in June when the aircraft was grounded in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania as the airline services were halted due to COVID-19 pandemic. Lindsey is said to have been working as a flight attendant for over six years.

Speaking about her stunt, Lindsey had said that the entire crew was on ground between flights and her friend wanted to try this out. Lindsey was a yoga practitioner and also had experience of being a cheerleader while growing up. She said that she was pretty strong and tried to do the stunt herself.

She also said that she tried the stunt at least 20 times before perfecting it. Initially, she failed in closing the overhead containers but continued to try till she succeeded. "We always wear our masks when we are around passengers and at airports and this was just a rare occasion when we could kick back and just have some fun," she said, reported

Flight Attendant Found Inside Overhead Container

In July 2019, a similar video of a stunt by a flight attendant from Southwest Airlines had gone viral. The flight attendant was found lying inside an overhead bin of the airlines. She was talking to passengers from the compartment.

The video was shared by a passenger Veronica Lloyd who had boarded her flight from Nashville to Atlanta. After surprising the passengers, the flight attendant got back to her routine work. After the video went viral, the Southwest Airlines issued a statement in this regard.

"Southwest Employees are known for demonstrating their sense of humor and unique personalities. In this instance, one of our Flight Attendants attempted to have a brief moment of fun with customers during boarding," it stated.

"Of course, this is not our normal procedure, and Southwest crew always maintain safety as their top priority," the official clarified in the statement. However, after the latest video went viral, the airlines has not issued any statement so far. Even though there were no passengers while performing the stunt, O'Brien is being appreciated by netizens.