Viral Video: Cat Crashes on Chinese Man's Head From Sky, Knocks Him Down Unconscious

The Man had to spend 23 days in hospital and has to undergo physiotherapy sessions regularly

A video of a cat falling on the head of an elderly man, knocking him down unconscious is going viral on social media. As the cat is seen falling from a considerable height as source of its fall is not shown, it looks like the cat fell from the sky, surprising the elderly man who falls on the ground. The man in the video is said to have regained his consciousness but suffered injuries.

The incident occurred at Harbin in the north-eastern Chinese province of Heilongjiang in China on July 12. The elderly man is identified as Gao Fenghua of the same region. The man was taking his golden retriever for a stroll when he was knocked down by the cat.

China cat attack
A cat fell on an elderly man and knocked him down unconscious at north-eastern Chinese province of Heilongjiang in China. YouTube screengrab

Neighbor's Cat Wrecks Havoc, Injures Elderly Man

The video shows Fenghua walking four to five steps behind his dog when suddenly a cat falls on his head. Before realizing what happened, the man falls down unconscious. The cat runs away from the man and hides in a corner.

The dog seen wearing boots and enjoying the walk with his pensioner owner, moves towards his owner who is on the ground. Soon, it spots the cat and runs for it. Both have a face off and the cat is also seen swinging a paw, but the dog just prevents the attack. It looks like the dog recognized the cat and decided to play with the cat leaving its owner behind.

Reports claimed that the cat belonged to the elderly man's neighbor Yu. It fell from the apartment balcony of the neighbor's house. It is said that Fenghua is trying to negotiate and seek compensation from his neighbors.

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Compensation For Cat Attack?

According to The Sun, the reason behind seeking the compensation is that Fenghua had to be admitted in the hospital for 23 days. He was discharged recently but will have to wear a neck brace. He still has to undergo regular physiotherapy treatment.

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