Viral: KPop Fan Gets Shock of Her Life as Brother Arranges Kim Jong Un-Themed Birthday Party

The party room was filled with posters of North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un and even the cake had his stickers cut in different shapes.

A Brazilian man planned to surprise his sister by presenting her a special birthday party keeping in mind her love for KPop. But the catch was that the brother had no idea about KPop and gave her a surprise that probably was like a nightmare for the birthday girl. She might have expected BTS poster boys, but found North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un's pictures all over the room.

Birthday girl Emanuel, who is a fan of Korean pop music, was expecting a KPop themed party. The responsibility of decorating the party room was given to her brother Vitor De Souza, who readily accepted it. Genuinely wanting to surprise his sister, he searched for the most popular name in Korea and the top result showed the name Kim Jong Un.

Kpop birthday theme
Vitor de Souza tried to surprise his sister Emanuel, a Kpop fan, with Kim Jong Un themed birthday party in Brazil. Facebook

Not knowing the history or rivalry between North and South Korea, the brother ended up deciding to use the pictures of Kim Jong Un not only all over the room but also on the birthday cake.

Kim Jong Un Cake to Surprise KPop fan

Vitor De Souza shared the birthday pictures on Facebook. The caption of the picture read that she liked the surprise. The English translation of his post goes: "Today is my sister's birthday, she is a fan of K-pop, I was in charge of the decoration, as I don't know these bands, I made the most famous Korean theme I knew. She loved it." In the picture a shocked Emanuel is seen posing with Kim Jong Un's poster and specially designed cake with hardly a smile on her face.

Facebook post screenshot

This post has been shared by 71,000 people and has attracted more than 12,000 comments. However, it looks like the brother was clueless that Kpop is banned in North Korea. So much so that three soldiers were recently punished by the North Korean authorities for dancing to the tune of Kpop band BTS' single Blood, Sweat And Tears. It is an irony that the person who banned KPop was the theme of a KPop fan girl's birthday.