Vikings season 6 episode 7 live stream details, spoilers, fan speculation and more

Bjorn will attend the funeral of Lagertha in Vikings season 6 episode 7, titled The Ice Maiden, and show creator Michael Hirst has teased more deaths.

Vikings will be back with a new episode of season 6 on History Channel this Wednesday, January 15, at 10 pm EST. Episode 7 is titled The Ice Maiden and it will feature the return of Bjorn Ironside to Kattegat. Ragnar's son is back to attend the funeral of Lagertha and he is likely to deliver a powerful speech for her, teased Katheryn Winnick.

Initially, the show creator Michael Hirst had no plans to bring back Bjorn to Kattegat, but then he realized that Ragnar's son should deliver an emotional goodbye to Lagertha. It is really important for the storyline as it will determine his future, "especially because of where he's going to go", Winnick told TV Line. So, viewers can look forward to an incredible speech by Bjorn in the seventh episode of Vikings' final season.

Who will die next?

Meanwhile, the most important part of episode 7 could be the death of another major character. Hirst teased many more deaths in the upcoming episodes of the historical drama series. According to him, he wanted to make the death of Lagertha as impactful as possible because other deaths are "coming down the line".

However, the creator revealed that the next person to die in Vikings will not be Hvitserk. He revealed that the character will become more powerful as he will be able to find his purpose in life. During an interview with Variety, Hirst also said Hvitserk will have a redemption in the second half of the final season.

What is in store for Bjorn?

Vikings is returning with episode 7 of season 6 tonight at 10 pm EST. History

Vikings fans also believe that Bjorn is not the one to die in the seventh episode of Vikings season 6. They have already started speculating the fate of Bjorn and many of them believe that he will become the King of Sweden.

"Once Kattegat is settled, he may come back as King of Sweden. I think it will be a bit of a reunion, with Rollo there as well, and we will get caught up on Bjorn's journey to become King of a foreign land in a story," wrote a reedit user. While another follower of the show speculated, "If they go historical then he would become king of I think Sweden and live to a decently old age. I would like that."

When and how to watch Vikings season 6 episode 7 live online

The Ice Maiden will air on History Channel this Wednesday, January 15, at 10 pm EST. The seventh episode will also be streamed on the official website for the broadcasting channel (only in the US). People from other parts of the world, including the UK, Russia, Switzerland and Singapore, can watch the new episode on Thursday, January 16, through various streaming sites.