Vikings Season 6 Episode 6 spoilers: Bjorn to pay for his actions?

Vikings season 6 episode 6, titled Death and the Serpent, will probably focus on the consequences of a big decision that Bjorn made immediately after becoming the King.

Vikings season 6 will be back with a new episode on Wednesday, January 8, at 10 pm EST. Episode 6 is titled Death and the Serpent. The sequel will probably reveal in detail about the fate of Lagertha, Bjorn and Ivar. The episode will also share some new details about Ubbe, Trovi, Hvitserk, King Olaf and Prince Oleg.

The promo of episode 6 hints at some unexpected challenges for Lagertha. It shows the infamous shieldmaiden receiving a death threat from White Hair, who was the leader of Ivar's bodyguards. He looked furious when he spoke with her and it seemed like he is back to take revenge for destroying his family.

The 44-second-long clip shows White Hair telling Lagertha, "Your son banished me, took away everything I had. My family, my pride, my identity. He just thought I'd crawl away to the forest and die like some animal, but that is not my way. I fought for Ivar, but in other circumstances, I would have fought for Bjorn, or for you. I can kill you Lagertha, the most famous shieldmaiden in all the world. And I will!"

Who will kill Lagertha?

Vikings season 6
Katheryn Winnick as Lagertha in Vikings season 6. History Channel

The guy with one-eye is still alive because of Bjorn as he allowed him to flee. It has already been teased by show creator Michael Hirst that Ragnar's eldest son will have to pay for the two big decisions he made immediately after becoming the King and one of them could be this. If so, then he will be blaming himself for the death of Lagertha.

Speculations by Fans

Some of the Vikings fans, like the reedit user Captainkrabz, also think that Lagertha will be killed by White Hair in the upcoming episodes of season 6 because of Bjorn. "I feel one-eye will kill her, meaning Bjorn would have indirectly killed her by letting him go. And he would blame himself for sure. I hope that's how it goes down, as I don't see any of the sons' storyline leading to killing Lagertha, except Ivar," the person wrote.

Another viewer stated, "Maybe it'll be that guy bjorn let go, which would mean that bjorn indirectly killed her." While a Viking fan speculated, "Bjorn freed White Hair who just killed Lagertha's grandson and Lagertha might want to get revenge", another Vikings follower agreed with the person and wrote, "Bjorn - Set White Hair free who kills Lagertha in a duel,"

However, the viewers of Vikings season 6 will have to wait a little longer to know if Lagertha will get killed in the first half of this season. If so, then who will be the culprit and what could bethe reason for him to do it?