Vikings Season 6 Episode 6 live stream details, spoilers; who will die – Lagertha or Ivar?

Vikings season 6 is likely to feature the death of a major character in episode 6, titled Death and the Serpent.

Vikings Season 6 is returning on History Channel with episode 6 this Wednesday, January 8, at 10 pm EST. The episode is titled Death and the Serpent. It will focus on the fate of three main characters – Lagertha, Bjorn and Ivar. Speculations are already rife about the death of one of these characters in the upcoming episode.

To know more about it, the followers of the historical drama series will have to watch the sixth episode on the official website of History Channel tonight at 10 pm EST (only in the US). People from other parts of the globe, including Russia, Iran, Iceland, Singapore, Sweden, Venezuela and the UK, can watch the new episode online tomorrow, January 9, through various streaming sites.

Here is the official synopsis for Death and the Serpent:

Will Lagertha bid adieu in episode 6?

The popular shield-maiden is getting old and she wants to take rest. But she is unable to do it because of Ragnar's children – Bjorn and Ivar. Initially, it was a group of Ivar's supporters, who attacked her village and killed her grandson. Then, it is the leader of Ivar's bodyguard, White Hair, who is back to take revenge.

Promotional videos for the upcoming episode have already teased some unexpected challenges for her. A promo for episode 6 shows her back in action to protect the people in her village. Meanwhile, another promotional video shows her receiving a death threat from White Hair. After seeing the clips, fans of the historical drama series started speculating the death of Lagertha in episode 6 of Vikings season 6.

Will Lagertha die in Vikings season 6 episode 6? History Channel

Will Ivar die in Death and the Serpent?

Another lead character who is speculated to die in the sixth episode is Ivar. According to the followers of Vikings, a trailer for episode 5 has hinted at the death of Ivar as the clip features a fight scene between Ivar and Hvitserk. At the end of the battle, Hvitserk will probably kill Ivar, speculated a reedit user, monikered as megahmed757, reported Daily Express.

Check out the fan theory below:

So if you watched the trailer for season 6 you see Ivar and Hvitserk fighting together. And if you watch the promo for season 6 episode 5 Ubbe finds out Ivar is allied with Oleg. Hvitserk also said his fate is to kill Ivar so what Ubbe told Hvitserk to play double agent with Ivar and than kill him. Just a little theory that popped in my head when watching the promo for the next episode.