Vikings season 6 will be back with a new episode this Wednesday, February 5, at 10 pm EST. Episode 10 is titled The Best Laid Plans and it will focus on the war against Russians. The mid-season finale episode of the sixth season may also feature a reunion between Ivar and Bjorn while revealing some details about Floki.

Here is the official synopsis for Vikings season 6 episode 10

How to watch The Best Laid Plans?

The upcoming episode of Vikings season 6 will be telecast on History Channel this Wednesday, February 5, at 10 pm EST. Fans of the popular drama series in the US can watch the mid-season finale episode online via the official website for the broadcasting channel. Followers of the scripted show in the UK, Singapore, Russia, India and other parts of the world can watch the program on February 6 through various streaming sites.

What to expect in the mid-season finale episode?

The mid-season finale of Vikings season 6 is titled The Best Laid Plans. History Channel

As the synopsis hints, episode 10 of Vikings season 6 will primarily focus on the war between Russians and the Vikings. While Ivar and Igor will be fighting for the Russians, Bjorn and Harald will be leading the Viking team. It remains to be seen what happens after the two sons of Ragnar meet each other at the war field. Will they fight against each other or team up against King Oleg?

Will Floki be a part of The Best Laid Plans?

Ever since Vikings season 6 premiered on History Channel, the viewers are speculating about the return of Floki. While some of the fan theories suggested that a promo video teased the return of this fan favourite character, a few others are looking forward to see Floki's return in a flashback scene.

According to a report by ScreenRant, actor Gustaf Skarsgård was spotted at a shooting location of Vikings a few months back. The news portal also reported that the actor himself teased the character's return in an interview. So, the fans are looking forward to know more about the character in the mid-season finale episode of Vikings season 6.