Vikings season 6 episode 9 live stream details: Resurrection spoilers, preview and more

Episode 9 of Vikings season 6 is titled Resurrection and it is likely to be filled with a lot of surprising and shocking moments for fans.

Vikings season 6 is just an episode away from its mid-season finale and fans may lose another beloved character in episode 9. The episode is titled Resurrection and is scheduled to air on History Channel this Wednesday, January 29, at 10 pm EST.

Here is the official synopsis of the upcoming episode:

What do the promos hint about episode 9?

History Channel has released several promos for Resurrection and all of them focus on the various challenges faced by Bjorn. In the first video, someone informs him that they will have to get ready for a big battle. The person also tells the King that they cannot take the enemies lightly because they are coming from a rich land with "huge armies" and it may not be easy to resist them.

However, Bjorn reminds the person that they have a greater cause to resist. He tells the informer that they are not just fighting for themselves, but for their gods. So, they must resist their enemies at any cost. The promo also shows Prince Oleg preparing his army for a major battle.

A still from Vikings season 6 episode 9. History

Meanwhile, another promo begins by showing a lot of developments at Kattegat as Bjorn learns about the people who are coming to invade his Kingdom. The video then takes viewers to a scene between Ubbe and Torvi wherein Torvi is seen struggling with pain and a woman tells Ubbe that she may have to cut her stomach to take the baby out. Immediately, he asks the woman if his wife will die. The clip also hints at a reunion between Ivar and Hvitserk as well as teases the return of Floki.

When and where to watch Vikings season 6 episode 9

Fans of Vikings season 6 will have to wait until this Wednesday, January 29, at 10 pm EST to know more about episode 9. The episode, titled Resurrection, can also be streamed through the official website for the broadcasting network and also through various streaming sites.

Check out a short summary of episode 10, titled The Best Laid Plans, below: