Vikas Datt and CerraCap Ventures' "Scale-Sale Model" Is Gaining Attention Among Businesses. Investment Analysts Are Intrigued

Vikas Datt

The business landscape is seeing significant turbulence in financial markets, leading to adverse impact on valuations for companies. The Venture Capital industry has also been impacted, with an average of 16% drop in valuations in 2022. On the other hand, Vikas Datt of CerraCap Ventures has been building a sustainable portfolio for CerraCap Ventures that's been showing positive growth bucking the trend in the market.

Leading the Way to Success with Datt's Expertise

Datt has operating experience across multiple industries and has significant strength in scaling early-stage companies in US, Israel, and Singapore. He has implemented proven digital strategies throughout the value chain with clients from the banking, insurance, retail, and healthcare industries.

"The days for cheap money are over. We are now in a different environment which requires companies to plan and execute to the new market reality," Datt shares. While many companies are finding it difficult to raise money, many of CerraCap's portfolio companies have done up-rounds recently, which were oversubscribed. "We pin this success on two factors: firstly, our focus on building sustainable businesses that generate cash flow and profits and secondly, enabling these companies with our unique 'Sales and Scale' methodology," he adds.

Vikas uses his extensive, cross-functional experience in leading Digital Strategy, Business Transformation, and Analytics to pioneer the Sales and Scale model which helps early-stage companies effectively manage business challenges. This method allows CerraCap Ventures to enhance and innovate business processes, providing disruption and creating win-win outcomes.

Keeping Consistent Focus on What's important

Datt has always believed that venture capital firms need to build long-term businesses. While the market was chasing growth at any cost, Datt and CerraCap Ventures were quietly building a strong portfolio of businesses, which would be successful in any market environment.

Datt shares, "Cash flow and profitability never go out of fashion. Over the last few years, we invested in businesses that had deep technology focus and were led by excellent entrepreneurs, focused on building long-term, profitable, and self-sustaining businesses. With our support and guidance, all of our companies have been ready for this current market environment."

The Sales & Scale™ business model

CerraCap Ventures is an early-stage technology venture capital firm based in Costa Mesa, California that invests in healthcare, enterprise AI, and cybersecurity. They are focused on the new fundamentals of the digital age and are invested in early-stage B2B companies globally. Vikas Datt of CerraCap Ventures uses the proprietary Sales & Scale™ business model to achieve tremendous growth for their companies.

Datt explains that through the Sales & Scale™ five-step model, CerraCap provides a mechanism for Sales, Marketing, Talent, and Technology enablement, helping companies to rapidly increase sales, achieve more efficient customer acquisition, and maximize their scalability. The model provides tools, best practices, and processes that enable companies to proactively measure, analyze, and adjust their business model to optimize performance. This helps companies stay agile and responsive to market changes and customer needs.

Under this model, CerraCap Ventures also supports its portfolio with an ecosystem of highly influential advisors and global CXO Council (C-Suite leadership from large Fortune 500 Companies). Through this, businesses can identify roadblocks to success and formulate intelligent ways to overcome them effectively through the network.

Datt also adds that the Sales & Scale™ model increases the sales pipeline and velocity while reducing the overall cost of sales by leveraging access to direct decision-makers of Global Fortune 500 companies.

Vikas Datt of CerraCap Ventures As Strategic and Value Added investor

The Sales & Scale™ model under Datt's leadership consolidates different growth strategies into one effective model. This helps companies prioritize and focus on high-value opportunities that will produce more effective results.

It also positions CerraCap Ventures as one of the leading venture capital firms in America that paves the way for early-stage companies to greater heights of excellence.