Vietnamese airline will pay over $8,000 if one gets infected with COVID-19 while travelling

Insurance available for free on all domestic flights

Vietnamese airline Vietjet carrier announced that it will pay up to 200 million Vietnamese dong i.e., $8,465 under insurance policy "SKY COVID CARE" if one get diagnosed while travelling in one of its domestic flights. Free Insurance Policy is available from March 23 till June end with purpose of giving passengers the assurance while flying in Vietjet aircraft. Regardless of how they get infected, passengers will be able to avail the insurance within 30 days starting from day one of the flight date.

"Tens of billion dong paying for the insurance premiums are covered entirely by Vietjet with the purpose to bring passengers assurance when flying on modern and comfortable aircraft with young and professional cabin crews," reads the statement issued by Vietjet carrier.

Will have to get treatment within the country to be eligible for coverage

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To avail the insurance coverage, passengers will have to provide all the necessary informations according to the "terms and conditions" of Vietjet carrier. They will have to provide the proof that they have been tested positive and getting treatment within the territory of Vietnam.

It is mandatory for all the passengers to produce health declaration while checking in at the airport in order to contain the spread of the virus. They can either show the information through website or keep it saved while checking in the airport.

Anyone who has already been tested positive, have mental illness or submits wrong personal information will be ineligible for the policy. "The health safety of passengers and cabin crews are protected at the highest level against all risks of disease," read the statement.


Situation in Vietnam

Vietnam has recorded 148 confirmed cases with no deaths due to coronavirus so far. Vietnam's capital Hanoi has capped on public gatherings on Wednesday and shut down all non-essential services to contain the spread of virus. The country got complimented by World Health Organization for the steps it has taken to restrain the COVID-19 disease.

Vietnam has suspended its international flights to most of the Southeast Asian countries and Europe. And the government made it mandatory to get quarantined for visitors coming from these countries and United States.

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