Spain overtakes China in coronavirus death toll, Italy tops the list of loss of lives

Spain recorded 738 deaths in just one day talking the toll to 3,434.

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Spain recorded 738 deaths in just one day. The country has overtaken China in terms of deaths as it recorded 3,434 deaths against China's 3,281.

The number of confirmed cases of coronavirus also has gone up to 47,610 in Spain. The country has been under a lockdown for 11 days. On March 24, the death toll was 2,692 and confirmed cases of COVID-19 were 39,673 just a day ago. Spain has witnessed a 20 per cent jump in coronavirus cases.

Spain Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez is likely to seek parliamentary approval to continue the lockdown till April 11 in a bid to tame the virus.

Italy situation

While other countries are seeing spread of the virus, China, where it all started, has been successful in controlling the pandemic. Italy, which registered its first Covid-19 casualty on February 21, tops the list of deaths at 6,820. The number of confirmed cases in the country has been put at 69,176.

Italian authorities have announced that the country will be under lockdown till April 3. A report in India's Hindu Businessline said the number of coronnavirus cases in Italy may be 10 times more than the figures released by the government.

Another country that is seeing fast spread of the virus is Iran, with 2,206 confirmed cases in just one day, taking the total number to 27,017.

Globally, 435,366 people have been affected and 19,618 deaths have been reported. So far 111,878 people are said to have recovered from the virus.

Coronavirus cases in the US are also rising putting the country in the third place, with 54,968 confirmed cases and 784 deaths.

Countries that has have managed to control the pandemic include South Korea, which has reported 104 deaths and 9,137 confirmed cases. When the pandemic broke, South Korea had the most number of cases after China.

Currently, South Korea is in the ninth place with Italy, the US, Spain, Germany, Iran, France and Switzerland ahead of it both in terms of confirmed cases and deaths.

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