Video: TVXQ's Yunho Caught at Adult Entertainment Bar, Tries to Flee Police Station: MBC Report

TVXQ's Yunho found drinking way past curfew at an illegally-run adult entertainment business in Cheongdamdong.

Reports claim that Kpop idol TVXQ's Yunho had reportedly flouted social distancing rules. He was caught drinking way past the curfew at an illegal adult entertainment business along with four others. It is also said that there were physical altercations between cops and his acquaintances. Latest reports claim that Yunho tried to flee the police station as his acquaintances were talking to the cops.

After getting caught, Yunho is said to have personally apologized for breaking the rules. According to a report on MBC, Yunho was seen drinking till midnight in an adult entertainment business. Currently the country has a curfew after 10 PM KST due to the pandemic. No restaurant and bars are supposed to be open after the specified time.

MBC reported that TVXQ's Yunho was seen flouting social distancing rules at an adult entertainment business. Twitter

Illegally-Run Adult Entertainment Business?

According to the MBC report, there were four people including a female worker of the business drinking along with Yunho. The bar is situated in Cheongdamdong. When cops visited the place after 10 PM, Yunho's acquaintances started using force and tried to stall the cops from coming inside, to protect the singer's identity. Yunho's acquaintances are likely to be charged with obstruction of justice.

MBC report also claimed that the business was registered as a general restaurant in Gangnam. But it was illegally operating as an adult entertainment business. The report stated that there was no sign board outside about the business that was operating on the fourth floor of a commercial building. Even the windows were opaque. It is said that the business did not accept anyone other than members and prior reservation was one of the conditions for gaining an entry. MBC got an entry inside the business and revealed that several women and other employees were seen inside the building.

Yunho's Personal Apology

Yuno released a statement apologizing for violating the social distancing rules. His statement read: "Hello, this is Jung Yunho. I'm very sorry. I ended up causing disappointment to all those who trusted me and cheered me on. I'm also sorry towards the medical professionals who've been working hard during the COVID-19 pandemic, and all of you, who are overcoming tiring days."

"I'm embarrassed that I met up with a friend and ended up chatting past the curfew. I'm angry at myself, and I can imagine how angry and hurt you must be as well," Yunho wrote.

"I'm regretful and sorry that I didn't pay better attention, which ultimately led me to make this mistake. I will reflect upon my actions of violating social distancing rules, and I promise to become a Jung Yunho who abides by the social distancing rules, and thinks and behaves in a more thorough manner. I'm very sorry," the singer stated.

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