Video: Singaporean Man Documents Encounter With Racist Hwa Chong Karen

A man travelling on train in Singapore posted a video of a Chinese woman belittling him and others while claiming that she was a Hwa Chong student.

A man in Singapore has posted a video of his encounter with a racist woman on the train on April 21. Ryan Kalmani, 26, posted the video where a woman was seen asking him and others about their race and belittling them.

The incident occurred when Kalmani boarded the train at Jurong East MRT station at 4 PM SST and tried to find an empty seat. A middle-aged woman of Chinese origin asked him and others on the train compartment about their race. She then went on to belittle them in a monologue flaunting her 'elite' status.

Chinese woman
Twitter user oploaded a video of his encounter with a Chinese woman, racially abusing others, on the train in Singapore. Twitter screengrab

She can be seen saying, "Malay is it? OK, no wonder. I will never mix around with you guys because we're so different." The video is of two-minute duration and is posted on Kalmani's twitter handle. The Chinese woman also can be seen bragging about being a student of the Hwa Chong Institution, considered as an elite educational institute. She was also seen recording her conversation on her phone.

Those who saw the video also expressed concerns about the woman's mental health. Her sentences were not connected or linked to her previous statements. She was even heard saying that she was recording them as an evidence to press the authorities on why she needs to "hang" and "mix" with the people like Kalmani and the others.

According to Kalmani, the woman insulted six people on the train based on their skin color. Kalmani said that the woman declared that all of them belonged to Malaysian ethnicity. However, Kalmani said that the man sitting next to him was from Philippines.

"It's not coincidental, I was from Hwa Chong, I'm not that stupid," she can be heard saying. According to news website, Kalmani said that the woman told them to enjoy themselves after he stopped recording. Then she left their cabin and walked towards anther at Dover station.

Kalmani also told the paper that when he entered the train everyone was minding their own business and it didn't look like anyone provoked the Chinese woman. Kalmani's video caption reads: "I [am] fasting, tired and saw an empty seat. Next thing I know, got a lady accusing us Malays of harassing her??"

Reports claim that Kalmani did not lose his cool and did not react to the Chinese woman who insulted the seven men inside the train cabin as he was fasting on the occasion of Ramadan. "It was challenging to hold my anger but I'm fasting so gotta control myself," he told the website.

Reacting to the video, a Twitter user commented that the woman had belittled an Indian man earlier. "Lol it's the same lady I saw on the train, belittling an Indian gentleman. Claiming she is from Hwa Chong and that people are stalking her," tweeted @vindicatedink.