Who'll be US President in 2030? Ask Noah, the Time Traveller from 2030

Image was taken by NavCam 1 on September 22, 2017, as OSIRIS-REx completed an Earth gravity-assist maneuver—flying close enough to our planet to steal some momentum and speed up the craft on its way to Bennu. This is the view from 110,000 kilometers (69,000 miles) away. OSIRIS-REx - NavCam1

A self-proclaimed time traveller from 2030 has made some startling revelations about the future years and adding authenticity to his claims, he has even passed a lie detector test. In a recently uploaded YouTube video, the man known as Noah shares his claims about future. The face of the young man in the video has been distorted due to security reasons, and the name 'Noah' is also expected to be a pseudo one. While answering the questions, the word 'true' appears in large green letters which indicates that Noah's claims are true.

Predictions about US politics

In the video uploaded by conspiracy theory channel Apex TV, the time traveler predicts that Donald Trump will be elected for the second time as the United States president in 2020. Noah even predicted that the next US presidential election will be conducted on November 03, 2020.

Noah also talked about the future leader of America who will win the presidential elections in 2030. As per the time traveler, a man named Ilana Remikee will emerge as an unquestionable figure in the US politics, and he will get elected as the President in 2030 poll.

Human's mission to Mars

As per the time traveler, humans will travel to Mars in 2028, and in the same year, scientists will reveal the existence of time travel. According to Noah, time travel was first discovered in 2003, but it will reach the limelight only in 2028 when private organizations admit its existence.

During the talk, Noah talked about virtual reality and artificial intelligence which will gain popularity in the coming years. As per Noah, mixed reality comprised of virtual reality and augmented reality will emerge as a rage within the next four years.

Noah also added that virtual reality devices like Google Glass will gain popularity in the coming years, and most of us will immerse ourselves in this virtual world.

In the YouTube video, Noah claimed that he was 50 years old but has taken an advanced age-reversing pill which made him aged 25 again.

While speaking in the video, Noah also added that he is making these remarks to tell everyone that time travel is a reality.