Video Shows Parkland Shooter Nikolas Cruz's Own Attorney Breaking Down in Tears In Court After Hearing Testimony Of Parents

Attorneys for the Parkland shooter Nikolas Cruz broke down in tears in a courtroom. Tamara Curtis and Nawal Najet Bashiman, public defenders representing gunman Cruz, were filmed wiping their tears after hearing gut-wrenching testimony of grieving parents whose children were killed in the Parkland massacre.

Parents were telling how their children were killed and their lives have been ruined by Cruz.

Nawal Najet Bashiman listening to the emotional testimony of parents.
Nawal Najet Bashiman listening to the emotional testimony of parents. Screengrab

Nawal Najet Bashiman Broke Down In Tears After listening Emotional Testimony

Videos from the courtroom show, Bashiman suddenly breaking down after listening to the emotional testimony of the victims' parents. While hearing the parents, she suddenly broke down, she removed her mask and started wiping her tears.

Curtis also looked upset while hearing the victim impact statements.

Parents Were Asked To Speak For Sentencing Phase of Cruz's Trial

The parents had been asked to speak as part of the sentencing phase of Cruz's trial, where a jury will decide if he should be sentenced to death or life in prison without parole. If they do recommend death, Judge Elizabeth Scherer will make the final decision, likely sometime in the fall, according to Daily Mail.

The shooting took place in February 2018, when Cruz murdered 17 people and injured more than a dozen after he opened fire on students and staff at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida.

Public Defender Melisa McNeil also dabbed her eyes

Chief Assistant Public Defender Melisa McNeil also dabbed her eyes with a tissue after Gena Hoyer said how much she misses her slain 15-year-old son Luke, whom she called "Lukey Bear." "It's excruciating agony. I am heartbroken. A piece of my heart is missing. My life and my family will never be the same," Hoyer said through tears, according to Local 10.

Cruz, who pleaded guilty to 17 counts of first-degree murder in October, is potentially facing the death penalty.

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This article was first published on August 3, 2022