Parkland Shooting Victim's Father Kicked Out of White House; Biden Accused of Pretense Over Gun Laws

A Parkland man, Manuel Oliver, obstructed President Joe Biden's Speech on Gun Laws at White House lawns shouting, "You have to do more". He was kicked out of White House by the security on the pretext of security issues.

Biden, while reacting to the situation, asked Oliver to sit down and listen to him. But Oliver carried on interrupting before he was removed from the lawns.

Manuel Oliver

Joe Biden's Sympathy Was a Pretense; Social Media Chatter

Biden stated that his heart goes out to the Parkland dad which has invited criticism on various social media platforms. A faction of social media followers has dubbed Biden's sympathy statement as a "pretense" adding that Oliver should have been given a patient hearing.

Oliver had lost his son Joaquin in the Parkland, Florida, mass shooting in 2018. Ever since, he has been publicly criticizing the governments for the weak gun laws. Oliver was heard saying that a White House Office of Gun Violence Prevention and appoint a gun czar.

A large number of social media users have extended support to Oliver adding that he is absolutely right and something "concrete" needs to be done about gun laws.

As reported by New York Post, Biden addressed Oliver and said, "Sit down! You'll hear what I have to say," as Manuel Oliver shouted over him during a South Lawn celebration of bipartisan firearm policy legislation which was signed last month. "You have to do more than this!" yelled Oliver, you have to open an office in the White House! I've been trying to tell you this for years! And years!" stated Oliver resulting in loud round of applause from some audience members, the report stated further.

In a tweet shared, a Twitter user wrote, "Parkland dad disrupts WH event on gun law @potusshows restraint & empathy; traits missing in WH in previous admin, lest voters @TheDemocratsIndependent & Republican, all patriots, who sent Joe to WH overwhelmingly forget MORE 2 DO IN Nov."

"Parkland dad disrupts @JoeBidenspeaking during event to celebrate passage of bipartisan gun control bill, saying it's not enough. He's right, of course, but if the bill saves one life, it's worth doing while fighting for more," read a tweet.

Another Twitter user sympathized with Manuel Oliver stating, "I empathize with Manuel Oliver but yelling at Joe Biden was kind of...futile. HE wants gun reform. The Republicans in Congress and the Supreme Court are the ones that don't care that his son was murdered. The President can't help their greed and cruelty."