Video Shows King Charles III Making Furious Gestures To Aides Before Signing The Accession Proclamation (WATCH)

King Charles III made very furious gestures to aides while signing the Accession Proclamation. His gestures were captured on the camera as he was out of the room and made furious gestures for an aide to help him clear the desk.

The objects of concern consisted of a pen box and an inkwell, both of which had reportedly been gifted to him by his sons, Prince William and Prince Harry. Charles could be seen on camera pointing at the items, requesting they be removed immediately, according to Page Six.

King Charles III
King Charles III Twitter

King's reactions went viral on social media and drew multiple reactions from users.

King Charles Made Furious Gestures

A user who was watching the live broadcast, wrote jokingly on Twitter, "The servant must clear my desk for me. I can't be expected to move things." While another mentioned that the King is fed up at the first day of the job. "First day on the job and already he's fed up. LOL."

King Charles Made Gestures For An Aide To Clear Desk

"We could be in for a great reign... My favorite part of King Charles III's proclamation... wait for Charles' facial expression when the servant fails to remove the desk accessory HaHaHaHa. Notice the hand from stage left to remove the item," wrote user @BitcoinSatsTour.

King Charles III Was officially Proclaimed Sovereign of UK, Northern Ireland

On Saturday morning, King Charles III was officially proclaimed sovereign of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland after signing the Accession Proclamation in a constitutional ceremony that dates back hundreds of years.

Almost 700 members of the current Accession Council, the oldest functioning part of Britain's government, were called to convene Saturday at St James's Palace in London, the official residence of the U.K.'s kings and queens for centuries, reported CBS News.

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