Video Shows Georgia Deputy Shot in Chest During Traffic Stop; Injured Officer STILL Catches the Gunman

Deputy John Kile miraculously survived a gunshot during the nighttime thanks to the bulletproof vest he was wearing.

A horrifying bodycam footage showed a Georgia deputy being shot in the chest at a close range. Deputy John Kile survived a gunshot during a nighttime traffic stop when Zachary Lucas Olivar, 24, aimed and fired at his chest. Kile's bulletproof vest saved his life.

Jones County Sheriff's office posted the video of the brief, violent altercation on their Facebook page and lauded the deputy for his bravery. In the video, the deputy could be seen pulling over a vehicle in the early hours of Sunday morning on Highway 11 between Wayside and Round Oak, driven by Olivar.

When Olivar seemed reluctant to stop, Deputy Kile pursued him and with a 'coordinated effort along with Deputies Jackson and Sullivan and Officer Farley from the city, managed to use stop sticks or tire spikes to safely stop the suspect,' the sheriff's office noted.

Screen grab of the video
Screen grab of the video Screen grab- Facebook

'The officer pulled me over for no reason'

The video further showed Kile approaching the driver's window as Olivar held his hands out and claimed that the officer pulled him over for no reason. "One, you were driving 35 in a 55 [zone], and two you're weaving all over the road," Kile explained to him.

The Deputy then asked the suspect to step out of the vehicle, which he refused and suddenly pulled out a gun from a towel and shot the officer at close range. Shocked by the sudden turn of events, deputy Kile ran to his patrol car and called for help on his radio.

'The suspect has a history of mental illness'

Kile, however, saved by his bulletproof vest, managed to get back in his car and chased down the suspect again. Snellville resident Olivar was arrested on aggravated assault charges and is currently being held without bond at the Jones County Sheriff's Office.

Sheriff Butch Reece noted that the investigators learned Olivar has a 'history of mental illness.' No further details about the incident are available at the moment.

"I want to recognize Deputy John Kile for his bravery and commitment, despite being shot in the chest," Sheriff Butch Reece said in a statement.