Lashawn McNeil: Harlem Cop Killer was Anti-Gov Conspiracy Theorist; Called himself 'God'

Lashawn McNeil used a high-capacity ammunition magazine in the shooting, which is only authorized to active law enforcement or military.

The alleged cop killer Lashawn McNeil, who fatally shot one cop and critically injured another in a Harlem apartment shooting on Friday evening is said to be a conspiracy theorist. Quoting sources, The Post reported that McNeil had a fight with his mother over wild anti-government conspiracy theories before she called cops on him. He even blamed her for being blind in one eye.

His mother, Shirley Sourzes, however, 'mentioned no injuries and no weapons,' in her call to the police. Sources close to McNeil noted that he became involved in conspiracy theories deeply when he moved to New York in November. He even believed he was a god.

McNeil is accused of shooting two of the responding NYPD officers, Jason Rivera, 22, and Wilbert Mora, 27, before he was shot by a third cop. While Jason succumbed to his injuries, officer Wilbert is struggling for his life.

NYPD Chief of detectives James Essig noted that McNeil was taken to hospital after being shot by a third officer in the head while trying to flee the scene. He remained in a critical condition with sources informing that no signs of any brain activity showed as of Saturday.

Lashawn McNeil
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The weapon of war

According to the New York Post, McNeil used a high-capacity ammunition magazine in the shooting. The 'drum magazine' allows the Glock to hold an additional 40 rounds to the firearm's usual 10. The Glock 45 used in the shooting was illegal too.

The state law of New York prohibits the use of magazines holding more than 10 rounds. Only active law enforcement or military can use those. Ex-NYPD cop and private eye Bo Dietl said that the ammo magazine used in the Harlem shooting was 'something our troops saw in Afghanistan.'

Conspiracy theorist

According to public records, 47-year-old Lashawn McNeil grew up in Far Rockaway and attended Beach Channel High School. He was raised by his grandmother after his parents divorced. His social media accounts are filled with anti-cop and conspiracy theory posts. A Facebook post from 2014 features a video called 'Hands Up'where two men are seen pointing guns at a police officer.

 Lashawn McNeil's Facebook post
Lashawn McNeil's Facebook post Screen grab - Facebook

A convicted felon with a long rap sheet, McNeil tried to coax people including his family to believe in his conspiracies, after moving to New York.

According to the New York Post, McNeil got married in his 20s and started a family in South Carolina. They then moved to Pennsylvania and later Maryland, where he is said to have become involved in anti-government groups. His mother called him to New York in November to help with his disabled brother. The whereabouts of McNeil's family are not known at the moment.