Video reveals what happens to the lungs after getting affected by the Coronavirus

  • Several have analysed how the lung functions change during the Covid-19

  • CDC US has listed people who use marijuana and tobacco or vape as easily vulnerable to the novel coronavirus

A video released by George Washington University shows the development of the Covid-19 in an asymptotic patient's lungs. The University in Washington DC used 3D imagery to understand the lungs of a man who had healthy lungs before being affected by the coronavirus. His only underlying condition was having high blood pressure.

The man's lungs are not able to function properly and requires a ventilator to help him breathe. He also requires another machine to oxygenate his blood. The video shows the man's lungs inflamed and infected which is shown in yellow color and it is not restricted in a particular region of the lungs. Rather it is spread throughout the lungs, showing that it is spreading rapidly.

Continuous analysis of the organs in the body

Coronavirus lungs 3D graphics by GW University
Coronavirus lungs 3D graphics by GW University Youtube Grab/ ABC7

Several researchers have been analyzing various organs in the body after getting the Covid-19. The new imagery by the University shows the slow damage of the lungs. During the interview with CNN, Dr Keith Mortman, the chief of thoracic surgery at George Washington University Hospital, explained how the virus spreads through the lungs.

Mortman told CNN that "This is not a 70, 80-year-old immunosuppressed, diabetic patient." Looking at the scan, the doctor talked about how a healthy patient wouldn't have yellow in a scan. When the lungs encounter the virus the body tries to seal off the virus.

Mortman also tells that once the lungs are damaged to this extent then it will take a long time for it to heal. The body tries to control the situation but the virus seems to spread without the control. The inflammation in the lungs causes the inability of the blood to be oxygenated by the lungs. Mortman also said that it is a dark path but they are still trying to figure out the situation as much as they can.

Other scans on the lungs

Doctors have continuously monitored patients around the globe to understand how bodily functions change during the virus attack on the body. Another Doctor who contracted the Covid-19 had shared his ultrasounds to show what are the effects of the spread of the virus in the lungs.

All serious consequences of the novel coronavirus involve pneumonia. The least serious are the patients with the virus and doesn't display the symptom. There is various kind of effects of the virus in the body. Doctors say that pneumonia seen in Covid-19 patients are different when compared to the others. Most pneumonia patients are in for bacterial infection and not viral. The bacterial infection can be treated by antibiotics.

A recent study has also proven that people who smoke and vape have chances of contracting a serious case of the coronavirus. The Center for Disease Control in the US have listed that the people easily vulnerable to the disease are the ones who smoke, vape or use marijuana.

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