Video of nuns playing basketball in Seville amid Coronavirus lockdown goes viral on social media

A video of nuns of the San Leandro convent in Seville resorted to playing basketball inside the convent has gone viral

Coronavirus has hit everyone hard, with lockdown orders in most of the countries, people are staying indoors often taking to social media to find ways to kill the boredom as well as information on killing the virus. In such a situation, video of nuns playing basketball, a rare sighting indeed, has become viral.

As everything is closed down and workload reduced, it looks like nuns of the San Leandro convent in Seville resorted to playing basketball inside the convent. Nuns wearing their habits are seen excited to play the game and after passing the ball for a while, show their dunking skills. The video was shared by Alejandro Ávila on Twitter.

Video of nuns playing basketball goes viral

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"I never thought I'd see some cloistered nuns playing basketball. Today I have visited the convent of San Leandro, where their nuns have exchanged the elaboration of their famous buds for sanitary masks. Between sewing and sewing, shots to the basket," states translation of the caption written by Alejandro Ávila for the video he shared on Twitter. The video has been watched by 3.3 million viewers so far.

Earlier, a video of nuns singing prayers on the rooftop of their home had gone viral. The nuns of Apostles of the Sacred Heart of Jesus in Rome took to rooftop, praying for subsiding the spread of coronavirus, as the city recorded highest death rates during the pandemic. Nuns were heard saying: 'We ask the heavenly mother to keep all coronavirus sufferers and all carers safe.'

As reported in SB Nation, among the nuns who played basketball very well were Shelly Pennefather who was a professional basketball player. She has also won Wade Trophy in 1987. Her last match was premier league basketball in Japan and then she retired to monastic life.

Rose Marie of the Queen of Angels. Before becoming a nun, she turned down a $200K contract and left for Virginia to pursue her calling and joined Poor Clares order on June 8, 1991. It is said that according to her congregation rules, she can meet her family members only once in 25 years.

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