Video: IU's Brother Pretends He is Not Related to the Kpop Star; Here is Why!

Lee Ji Eun, popularly known as IU, was the special guest on the 100th episode of tvN's You Quiz On The Block and opened up about her younger brother Lee Jong Hoon.

Kpop star Lee Ji Eun, popularly known as IU, opened up about her family, especially about her brother during a tvN show. IU's brother is said to have enlisted in the military, but pretends that he is in no way related to IU. Except for his close friends no one knows that he is IU's younger brother. This is not the first time he is trying to be secretive about his sister. In fact, he has done it ever since she became popular, said IU.

IU was the special guest on the 100th episode of tvN's You Quiz On The Block on March 31. Currently, IU is basking in the glory of success of her single Lilac. Reacting to MC Yoo Jae Hook's question about her family's reaction, IU revealed that it has been just two weeks since her brother enlisted for mandatory military service. "He kept this a secret his whole life. Only four to five of his real close friends know. He told our mom that he's still keeping it a secret."

IU was the special guest on the 100th episode of tvN's You Quiz On The Block. Instagram

IU's Look Alike?

Her brother's name is Lee Jong Hoon. Moreover they look similar. "My brother and I look very alike and it's well known that his name is Lee Jong Hoon, so he said that people seem to catch on since his name is Lee Jong Hoon and he looks like me. But he told me that he's still pretending not to be my brother," IU revealed.

When asked about chemistry between the both she said, "We don't talk much." She also explained why he doesn't talk to her for long. Because, IU keeps teasing him that they really look alike. Then she went on to add, "I tell him that I really look like him when my condition isn't too good," and that's the end of that day's call! She also said that her brother was Kpop singer Jessica Jung's fan, but never shows it.

IU's previous Kakao chat log proves that they are just like any brother and sister – encouraging but at the same time teasing each other. When IU took part in JTBC's Lee Hyo Ri's Bed and Breakfast show, she had told Lee Hyo Ri's husband that she was waiting to attend her brother's graduation.

Apparently, he completed his graduation from San Diego University in the U.S. She had revealed that her brother did not want to make any controversy and taint his sister's reputation. As there was too much of pressure, he decided to study abroad as fewer people would know about his status.


When IU became popular in 2010 after the release of her single Good Day, her brother transferred school. Speaking during the show Happy Together 3, IU had explained that information about her brother including his name, university had become public. Even senior students started telling him that he really looked like IU. This was when he started being secretive about any information related to his family. He even denied that he was IU's brother and went on to change his father's name. "Lee Jinguk is my father's name, but my brother had to lie and said that his father's name is Lee Guk Jin," said IU.

She said that he gets embarrassed when he sees her acting cute in TV shows. "He was embarrassed of me at first. I am his older sister, but I come out on TV and try to act cute, so he was embarrassed and refused to tell people about me".

Also speaking about her parents during the KBS show Win Win, IU had said that even her mother keeps this information as a secret. Even after she became a national star, her mother continued to work and did not demand any money from her. "She works because she does not want to lose to me," said IU jokingly.

But she expresses her love for daughter in her own ways. For example, during During IU's 10th anniversary concert, Dlwrma, in November, 2018, IU's mother had prepared 12,000 cushions for her daughter's fans so that they enjoy the show comfortably.

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