Video: A fistfight broke out in Turkish Parliament after top opposition MP called Erdogan 'Satan' for invading Syria

  • Opposition parties in Turkey have been against the decision on a war on Syria

  • The opposition leaders have been asking Ankara to engage in peace talks with Damascus

  • An opposition MP called Erdogan 'the satan' for cutting deal with US

A video from the Turkish parliament showing two dozen politicians of the country engaging in a fistfight has gone viral.

It is reported that the fistfight broke out between politicians at the Turkish National Assembly on Wednesday after a top opposition Minister of Parliament severely criticized President Recep Tayyip Erdogan over the "illegal invasion" of Idlib by Turkish forces.

Multiple Video footage of the politicians fighting inside the Parliament has been shared online and later even several television channels in the country had it broadcast.


The fight broke out between politicians from Erdogan camp and the opposition members following a speech by People's Republican MP Engin Özkoç, who said: "Are you looking for Satan? You are the Satan cutting deals with the U.S. (for Idlib) You sent our soldiers to die for this."

The Erdogan supporters took offense to the statement by Özkoç and the irked Erdogan supporters who have called for an investigation into the matter by the parliament.

Since the beginning, the opposition parties in Turkey have been against the war on Syria and instead have been calling for peace talks between Ankara and Damascus.

In the brawl, dozens of politicians were seen engaging in fistfights, some zealous ones even climbed on top of tables to throw a punch, while a few helplessly were also seen trying to stop the fighting. In the scuffle, some politicians even fell on the ground.

There has been much anger among the Turkish as the decision to invade Syria has cost many lives of the Turkish soldiers.

At least 59 Turkish soldiers have been killed in the Syrian province of Idlib since Turkey began its military campaign in Syria's last rebel bastion, where the Assad forces by Russia have forced nearly one million people to flee towards the shut Turkish border in search of safety.

In response to the aerial attack by Syrian airforce that killed 34 Turkish soldiers, Turkey along with dits proxy fighters have launched Operation Spring Shield to avenge for the loss of its soldiers - the largest casualty the country has suffered in decades.

The Turkish forces through Operation Spring Shield have opened a new chapter in the modern warfare fought using armed drones.

As per the video released by the Turkish sources, the homegrown drones Bayraktar TB2 and ANKA wreaked havoc on the Syrian installations and convoy.