[VIDEO] Turkey-Syria war: Aerial footage shows swarm of Turkish killer drones efficiently neutralizing Syrian assets

  • First time in modern warfare history such high number of armed drones were deployed in a battle

  • Turkish-made drones Bayraktar TB2 and ANKA are leading the battle against Assad forces in Idlib

  • Turkish escalation in Syria threatens to put Ankara on a direction confrontation with Moscow

There have been many talks about the UAV capabilities of Turkey, on Sunday Turkish forces deployed its highly capable killer drones to take out the Syrian forces loyal to the Assad regime. It is claimed that it is the first time a country has deployed such a high number of armed drones inside enemy territory.

Turkey, which had sworn revenge, after the Syrian forces killed at least 33 Turkish soldiers in an airstrike on February 27. A video of the moment the Russian jet hit the Turkish position has been doing the rounds on social media.


Turkish that has now launched a retaliatory war against Syria code-named - Operation Spring Shield is being seen as a new chapter in the modern warfare fought using armed drones. Turkish-made drones Bayraktar TB2 and ANKA wreaked havoc on the enemy installations and convoy.

A Bloomberg report observed that Turkey's decision to deploy a fleet of armed drones to take out Russia-backed Syrian installations threatens to put Ankara in direct confrontation with Moscow.

In the drone strikes carried out on February 28, Turkey seems to have targeted alleged chemical factors, army installations, and army convoys, besides taking out Russian weapon systems.

Turkey is waging an "air campaign run entirely by armed drones backed up" by heavy rocket artillery, Charles Lister, director of the Extremism and Counterterrorism Program at the Middle East Institute, said on Twitter, referring to video footage of a Turkish drone allegedly showing the destruction of a Syrian army air-defense system.

"That's something only Israel had been recorded publicly to have done until now," Lister said.

The video of the drone that went viral on social media shows an active Russian-made Pantsir S-1 air defense system mounted on its eight-wheel-drive truck can be seen caught unaware even as a MAM-L smart ammunition projectile fired from a Turkish ANKA armed drone, barrels toward it.

Several other video clips shared online show Turkey's armed UAVs neutralizing tanks, armed vehicles, ammunition depots, heavy machine guns, and even high-ranking Assad's military personnel one by one.

There are fears that Turkey's aggressive actions against Syria might put Ankara and Moscow on a path of direct confrontation.

Russia has maintained that it had no role in the attack against the Turkish forces carried out on February 27 but hinted that it was Turkey's mistake to have kept its forces in the observation post along with the Syrian rebels without informing Russia of their presence.