Video: Did BTS J-Hope Really Call Conan O'Brien Curtain? Here is What Happened During the Show

America's popular television host, comedian Conan O'Brien released a YouTube video expressing his disbelief about BTS J-Hope identifying him as "Curtain"

America's popular television host, comedian Conan O'Brien, expressed his disbelief and disappointment over South Korea's top boy band BTS member J-Hope referring to him as 'curtain'. "Curtain?! He called me curtain!" Conan O'Brien said in disappointment when he saw J-Hope failing to recognize his name. Here is what happened.

BTS had recently worked with producer Na Young Suk for the show Run BTS! Held in collaboration with tvN's The Game Caterers. In the show 'Run BTS' x 'The Game Caterers' BTS members took part in a game where they had to name the persons shown on the screen. Each member had only few seconds to identify the personality. J-Hope was the first BTS member to take up the challenge.

Conan O'Brien BTS J-Hope
BTS' J-Hope [R] identified Conan O'Brien [L] as Curtain in the show 'Run BTS' x 'The Game Caterers'. Youtube Screengrab

How Conan Became Curtain!

The screen showed the photo of Conan O'Brien. J-Hope was surprised looking at the photo and hesitated to reveal the name. But as he did not have much time, he shouted "Curtain". Forget O'Brien, this even left other BTS members surprised who were seen shouting, "How can you not know Conan?" But J-Hope had an explanation ready. He said, "I got confused for a second."

Conan Christopher O'Brien is not only a television host but also a comedian, writer, and producer. He is popularly known for hosting late-night talk shows. He became globally well-known with his own talk show Conan on the cable channel TBS since 2010. His shows are said to be a hit in South Korea too.

This news even reached O'Brien and he decided to make it known to the world. O'Brien uploaded a video on his YouTube channel 'Team Coco' on May 6, and spoke about his hopes of being the most popular host being crashed by BTS' J-Hope.

A Challenge to BTS

Conan was seen telling in the video, "We announced earlier this week that after, well, 28 years of doing a talk show day in and day out, that we were going to be wrapping things up here on June 24 But you know I got to say, when you go through a change like this, it gets the guy thinking about stuff...I've started to wonder a little bit about '28 year on TV, day in, day out, every night. What's my impact been?"

Then, he went on to mention BTS show and said that he got a hint about his popularity thanks to the BTS Run show. "Well, I got a little bit of a hint of this yesterday. Apparently, there was a massive variety show in Korea and the stars of this variety show, of course, was the boy band BTS."

"He called me Curtain! He said I was a curtain! I've been to Korea..." said O'Brien. After a pause he started yelling out again, "I was popular!... Curtain!" He signed off from the video by challenging BTS. "I'll get you BTS. I'll get you good," making his audience laugh out loud.

Watch Conan's Video of J-Hope yelling out "Curtain" here:

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