7 Lesser-Known Facts about BTS V; From Being Ambidextrous to Hating Selfies

Here are seven interesting facts about BTS V, you might not have known.

BTS V is one of the most influential stars in the Korean entertainment industry. The KPop singer is known for his humility and sweet voice. Born as Kim Tae Hyung, V is 26 years old and graduated from Korean Arts High School in 2014.

V is not only a singer abut also a songwriter, and an actor. He is a vocalist of South Korea's top boy band BTS. V also made his acting debut in Park Seo Joon – Go A Ra starrer historic drama Hwarang. But this is his one and only drama and it is said that the production companies cannot afford to cast this top KPop singer. Here are five lesser-known facts about the Sweet Night singer BTS V.

Here are seven facts about BTS V. Instagram

V Is Ambidextrous

V is known as a natural talent in playing tennis. But reports claim that he is not only good in sports but also is an ambidextrous with a racket. In fact, the only professional ambidextrous player Korea has currently is Kim Cheong Eui. Thus, V's talent cannot be ignored!

Hates Uploading Selfies

Yes, this cute faced celebrity does not like uploading selfies. However, due to peer pressure he too gave into the trend. But since six months, he has hardly posted any selfie. The reason is that he does not like his face! V himself had confessed that he does not like the way his face turns out in sefies.

His Love For Strawberries is Gone

It is a known fact that V just loves strawberries. But the latest news is that V is no more a fan of strawberries. Thanks to fans sending him strawberries, the singer is said to have eaten the fruit too often over the years, satiating his hunger for the strawberries. So, if you are planning to send V a gift, better leave strawberries out of the list.

V is a Fan of Justin Bieber?

V is inspired by a number of singers who have international presence. He loved Kurt Cobain when he was a trainee and currently, his favorite is the rock band Nirvana. Another singer he adores is John Legend. V also revealed that he is a fan of American singer Justin Bieber and loves his song Holy.

When V Almost Quit BTS

V confessed on tvN show You Quiz On The Block that his trainee days were tough to deal with. The pressure was so much that he called his father and said that he wanted to quit. He was crying over the phone when his father told him that it was okay to quit. His father had consoled him by saying that he can look for another job. But after he cut the call, V was embarrassed of his conversation and decided to stay and keep trying.

President's Awardee

Among other facts, V has also won President's Award along with Jimin in 2020. The BTS duo was awarded the prize at the Class of 2020's virtual graduation ceremony by Global Cyber University.

Lyrics First, Melody next

When writing a song, V is said to be writing the melody first and then follow it up with the melody. "If I write the lyrics first, the melody changes a lot according to the lyrics. So, sometimes I can't write the melody I want. It's pretty frustrating. So, I write the melody first," V had said in one of his interviews.

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