Victim Releases Audio of Chorong Admitting to Bullying: Apink Singer Pleads Innocence

After Apink's Park Chorong admitted to underage drinking but denied bullying allegations, the netizen released her phone conversation with Chorong.

Bullying allegations against Apink's Park Chorong are growing stronger despite the singer refuting the claims. After Chorong issued a statement admitting to drinking alcohol underage, but denied that she had bullied anyone, the netizen who had made bullying allegations released the audio recording of her conversation with Chorong.

Chorong had apologized for drinking underage as photos of her drinking were shared online. Chorong took to personal Instagram to apologize for drinking, but said that she had not bullied anyone. Reacting to the transcript of phone conversation, Chorong said that she will clarify and prove her innocence while referring to the netizen as Kim.

Park Chorong
Apink's Park Chorong is embroiled in bullying allegations controversy. Instagram

Chorong's Response

"As for the misunderstood parts, I would like to say once again that I am innocent to the end. I have never slapped, removed my clothes, or committed assault, as Kim claims. In this regard, we will do our best to clarify our innocence based on the testimonies at the time and the transcript of the call with Kim," stated Chorong.

The first accuser of bullying released the audio recording of her phone call with Chorong to a media outlet. Here is the complete text of conversation between Chorong and the alleged victim of bullying as reported by Allkpop.

Chorong-netizen's Phone Conversation Text

Chorong: I didn't do things to you without any reason.

Alleged Victim: Whether there was a reason or not, that was wrong. Did I wrong you in any way? I had decided to go to the police after I was beaten up by you. But my friend told me to let it slide because you were drunk then.

Chorong: Well this should have been addressed back then. There was a misunderstanding just as you told me via DM's. Anyway, I should have cleared this with you back then but I was a little mad about the situation.

Alleged Victim: But why? What was the reason? Why were you mad at me?

Chorong: Just as you said in the DM, I had a crush on someone back then.

Alleged Victim: Oh! But he went out with me. Maybe you were a little upset because of that but I still don't understand. As far as I remember one of your friends just came to me and said "Chorong said she has to beat you up". When I came to see you that day, you slapped me across my face and kicked me in my shins. I and my classmate sitting next to me still remember my bruised legs to this day. Honestly, if you were in my shoes, would you still simply let go of such painful memories?

Chorong: No, I wouldn't forget.

Alleged Victim: To be honest, I'm still trembling now as I talk about this. Will you still be fine if your future daughter went through the same thing as I did?

Chorong: No.

Alleged Victim: Frankly speaking, I was too weak, small and frail back then. But that traumatized me and I suffered even after I went to college. I started avoiding people, thinking that any group of females looking at me was actually hating me. But you wouldn't know the extent of my suffering. I try ignoring Apink on TV. Now that I'm older, I can organize my thoughts better. I'm the victim. But why do I have to live like this?

Chorong: I'm sincerely sorry. Well... I really shouldn't have done such a thing back then. I should have talked it out with you, with or without misunderstanding... but I think I was really upset at that time.

Alleged Victim: Let's say what has happened has happened. But then, you should have apologized to me if you were to debut as an idol and continue appearing on TV? Right? Because I'm still living with the pain?

Chorong: To be honest with you, everything happened so fast, from the audition to the debut. So you are right that I wasn't attentive enough to take care of everything.

Before releasing the audio recording, the netizen had stated that Chorong had apologized to her for bullying. But Chorong had denied it on social media. Reacting to this, Play M Entertainment also released an official statement and said that the recording was maliciously distorted. The agency assured that it will release the complete recording of the conversation.

"The netizen maliciously distorted facts by only revealing excerpts from the phone call. During the first phone call, netizen reached out to threaten Chorong. She was in a rather unstable state, such as revealing unrelated and fabricated personal matters during the call," Play M Entertainment stated.

"Chorong did not ask any further and she apologized while listening to netizen. Chorong respected that they were friends in the past, and because there was indeed a conflict between the two so Chorong apologized to the netizen. But Chorong did not admit to beating. We did try arranging the time and date to meet with her.

But it the netizen continued to threaten Chorong with things impertinent to the issue including revealing past pictures and excerpts from the conversation. We have audio recordings as well. We submitted all those to the police. We have been trying to reveal the truth through legal methods but if the netizen continues with malicious media reports and if it's necessary, we will reveal the recordings," the agency said.